Why Saturday's BYU-TCU Scrap is a No-Win Situation for the Cougars

Andrew PerkinsCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2009

SAN DIEGO - OCTOBER 17:  Max Hall #15 and Jo Jo Pili #26 of BYU Cougars celebrate a touchdown against San Diego State Aztecs at Qualcomm Stadium on October 17, 2009 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)

September 19, 2009—The day that Christian Ponder could do no wrong. 

Unfortunate enough for the BYU Cougars, that day also happened to be the day they saw any hope of playing in a major bowl game circle down the long and twisted BCS drain.

It was a rough day at Lavell Edwards Stadium.  Trust me.  I was there.  Too many turnovers.  Too many third down conversions.  Too many rushing yards.  Too much...

I digress.

Going into Saturday's game, both TCU and BYU boast a top 20 ranking and gaudy win-loss records, with TCU undefeated at 6-0 (2-0) and BYU at 6-1 (3-0).  Needless to say, this battle has monstrous implications.

For TCU, a BCS bowl bid is at stake.  With Boise State living on easy street (or playing in the WAC.  I say tomato you say tomahto), an undefeated Horned Frogs team could very well foster the favor of the pollsters and do the old Florida hop skip and jump right over Boise for that coveted non-automatic qualifier bid.

Fresh off Utah's big win in the Sugar Bowl last year, the Mountain West Conference would love nothing more than to crash the BCS for the third time. 

Believe that. 

How could the big boys continue to ignore everyone outside of the Big 6 considering the MWC's run of BCS success?

And this, my friends, is where the picture turns foggy.

BYU is playing for a Mountain West Championship and a trip to the Vegas Bowl (aw, mom!  Not again!?).

Of course, the Cougars will be geeked up to avenge last year's 32-7 debacle in Fort Worth.  Of course, the Cougars want to surge to an 11-1 campaign and a bowl win.  Of course, the Cougars want to win the game.

But have you ever stopped to think what happens if they do?

If the Cougars win, TCU can kiss the BCS goodbye.  That also means, with Utah, TCU and BYU all having losses on the resume, that the Mountain West as a conference can kiss the BCS goodbye.

And it also means that all the kids get to go to the Vegas Bowl, the Pointsettia Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl.

Can you smell that excitement?

Or the sarcasm?

If the Mountain West wants the love from the BSers...I mean BCSers...then they need to crash it.  Multiple times.

Keeping all that in mind, it is quite simple.

A BYU win sets the conference back a step.

And for a system that was supposed to save the integrity of college football and promote a true national champion, the BCS sure seems to have done the opposite.

Because there is no reason that I should EVER want my team to lose.  But the BCS is sure giving me one.

And THAT, my friends, just ain't right.