The Giants got a beatdown by the Saints! are they not as good as we all thought?

john kayaContributor IOctober 20, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 18:  Reggie Bush #25 of the New Orleans Saints escapes a tackle by Chase Blackburn #57 of the New York Giants at the Louisiana Superdome on October 18, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Ok i truly am in shock right now.....How could my Giants, a 5-0 team who absolutely dominated they're way through the 1st 5 games get totally manhandled by the Saints in NO the way they did? Was it that the Saints were that good or that the Giants were that bad? A little bit of both I think. From the opening drive I knew it wouldnt be a good day for my boys in blue. The Saints marched down the field with relative ease. Drew Brees did whatever he wanted to whenever he wanted to. Where was the #1 ranked defense at? Where was the monster pass rush we were all promised at the beginning of the year? Brees was having coffee and cake back there in the pocket.

It seemed like whenever Brees let that ball go you just knew it was gonna be a completed pass. The Saints were damn near flawless and the Giants "D" was totally defenseless! And it made me wanna puke to be quite honest.

You know I kept thinking to myself, yeah the Giants are 5-0 and they looked really ood winning all those games and Eli was on fire but I wasnt totally convinced. The #1 ranked defense? Didnt buy it for a second. I knew that was the result of playing garbage teams from the beginning of the season. Our over-hyped, over talked about D-line was just that. Grossly over hyped!! Where is this killer pass rush we were all promised? They didnt get anywhere near Brees let alone possibly sacking him which in turn exposed our secondary for what it really is....not THAT good. I mean it, every time that ball was in the air it was getting caught by what seemed to be a multitude of pro bowl caliber recievers.

Everything was going wrong for the G-men even the officiating, which I wont even get into. Eli and the offense were out of sync for most of the game but to be honest w/ you, they could of been solid yesterday and it wouldnt of made a difference cuz the defense and Bill Sheridan......(ok who?) couldnt stop anyone let alone the riduculously efficient Saints offense. Who the hell is this guy who is supposed to be our DC? When you come out in the first half or better yet the first quarter and proceed to get torched, arent you as a NORMAL human being gonna begin to make some adjustments to try and stop the torching?!!!!! How about a blitz maybe? It was painfully obvious pressure wasnt being applied rushing just 4 downlinemen. How come i was along with everyone else watching that debacle able to realize that and the guy who i getting paid to run our defense wasnt?!!!!!! I know im really blasting the defense away cuz as I said I am truly shocked over what happened in New Orleans.

Now the question this an abberation or is this our team? We are gonna begin to find out sunday night against the Cards cuz the Cardinals can throw the ball. All they gotta do i watch the tape of the Saints game. And if it happens again then I will blame Coughlin cuz if he allows Sheridan to sit by idle and do nothing well then it falls on the head coaches shoulders. And it would be nice if there was a Chris Canty sighting huh? How much is that jerk-off being paid? And Boley seems to be the real deal if he can ever stay on the field maybe.

Listen I am really going off here on these guys cuz I think I just realized that the Giants are nowhere near as good as I thought they were and that feeling really sucks!!! We will find out beginning sunday night................