Throwbacks...More Like Throw Up!

Neal MaloneCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009

Ok. We get it. They had uniforms of all colors, styles, and designs back in the day.

But enough is enough!

The throwback craze in the NFL has gone way too far. It's at the point now where it seems like there are more games featuring throwback uniforms than those with normal uniforms. Why the league has chosen to replace the well-known branding of their teams' normal digs with obscure throwback jerseys is beyond me.

The idea of showcasing jerseys from past years is fine. There is certainly some value in honoring the league's tradition and commemorating your team's evolution. But I think what made throwback jerseys cool several years ago is getting lost in their overuse these days.

It all started with the league designating a week or two each season for teams to wear old jerseys. It was fine...kind of interesting actually. Now, you have some teams wearing old jerseys on consecutive weeks such as the Titans, Patriots, and Broncos.

The league's over-saturation of throwbacks isn't the only issue. There are other obvious reasons why I don't like them...let's see...maybe the fact that they are HIDEOUS!

Outside of the powder blue uniforms (which at this point may not even be considered throwbacks) that the Chargers wear quite often, most of the league's throwback uniforms are disgusting.

My personal favorite (or least favorite I should say) is the Philadelphia Eagles' throwbacks. You know...the ones that are baby blue and gold. Exactly like their colors these days, right?

Oh yeah, that's the other issue I have with the jerseys. They don't resemble anything remotely close to the current identity of each team.

Take the Broncos throwbacks they wore last week...the yellow and brown ones. If I wouldn't have known better, I would have thought I was staring down the nasty center of a toilet bowl instead of watching a Broncos game.

This is 2009. The Broncos wear orange, blue and white uniforms with their logo on the helmet...not the excrement-oriented apparel with numbers on the helmet.

What I'm trying to get at here is that the NFL is totally mishandling the visual appeal of the game. Do I really care about the uniforms when it's all said and done? Not really...but many people do.

Football is the only sport that has mismanaged the throwback era of sports. Why? Because they simply overuse them. The appeal of throwbacks was the fact that they were sparingly was a nice change of pace once in awhile. But now it's become commonplace week in and week out, leaving fans wondering where the current jerseys went.

On Sunday, I want to see my team come out in the jersey that I know...the jersey that I wear to represent my team. Not some B.S. throwback that doesn't resemble my team's identity whatsoever.

Enough is enough...can we please go back to normal?