One Fan's Unorthodox Gameplan For Missouri Against Texas

Eric Hobbs@@E_HobbsCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009

Coming off back-to-back losses, the Missouri Tigers return home for Homecoming and a primetime matchup against the Texas Longhorns. It is certainly a tall task to be asked of a young team like Mizzou, but there are options and aspects of this game that can help them knock off the undefeated Longhorns.

Firstly, it's homecoming at Mizzou. Ever since the University invented the concept of homecoming in 1911, homecoming games in Columbia have always been a bit more special.

Looking at the game itself, Texas is clearly more talented, while Missouri comes in with a banged up quarterback. The first thing I'd do is the same thing Pinkel did a bit of in Stillwater. I'd swallow my pride and bust out the "trickeration." Remember when Missouri seemed to be good for a few trick plays a game? And how they were mostly successful? Double reverses with a throw back to Chase Daniel, the hook and ladder to Jeremy Maclin.

The next thing I'd do hits two birds with one stone. I'd install a small Wild Tiger (wildcat for you NFL fans) package. Doing this would get Blaine Gabbert out of there at least for a few extra plays to help him stay off his bad ankle, and it would also give the Texas defense something totally unexpected to have to defend.

I'd go with anywhere from 1-3 guys in the backfield, including Jerrell Jackson, Derrick Washington, and T.J. Moe (depending on health, which seems to be an unknown for some reason). They could run it straight ahead, sweep, run an option, or even get some trick plays out of that formation—like a fake option with Moe tossing it to Danario 40 yards down the field.

Obviously, you could interchange personnel in such a package, or add different wrinkles to it.

Another thing to do is to commit to running the football. In the first half against Oklahoma State, Mizzou ran the ball with some consistency, and they even lined up under center, which is a rarity in this offense. Then, in the second half, the Tiger offense simply abandoned the run.

Running the ball against Texas can help shorten the game and keep Colt McCoy off the field.

For this Missouri team to try and line up man to man against Texas and expect to win would not be smart, and would likely lead to a homecoming loss. On the other hand, if they get creative, the Missouri Tigers can shock the world and pull off the upset.