Why Georgia Tech Will Beat Virginia

Christopher FalvelloCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009

Georgia Tech is a better team, plain and simple. 

The Cavaliers are sitting pretty right now, and really why not?  They’ve won three in a row, are undefeated in the ACC, and are leading the coastal division.  But all of this distracts from the most important statistics in college football: overall record and level of opposition.

UVA is on a win streak, but let’s look a little closer.  They’ve beaten a fading UNC, a less than average Indiana, and Maryland, who has somehow wrested the title of worst ACC team from Duke.  Not to mention that UVA opened the season with a home loss to William and Mary and an away loss to Southern Mississippi.  The one forgivable loss is to a now top 10 TCU.

Georgia Tech is on a win streak of their own, however, one that stands at four.  It started by dominating that same UNC team UVA beat in a field goal dual.  Then, GT controlled shootouts with Mississippi state and Florida State, finally taking down the No. 4 Hokies. All the while, the Jackets have been racking up huge numbers on offense while their defense has finally found itself.

One record speaks louder than the other.

But, just to indulge those who believe in overly conditional win streaks, what about the UVA home win streak against GT?  Well, if you asked Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson, he’d probable say just that, what about it? 

Coach Johnson is neither too concerned with loss streaks, nor is he superstitious.  In less than two seasons as head coach, he’s already ended loss streaks against Georgia and Florida State.  In both instances, he traveled to hostile stadiums and found ways to win.  Not to mention that the win against VT on Saturday was Tech’s first win against a top five team in forty-seven years.

All streaks end. 

Even Notre Dame’s legendary 63-year dominance over Navy came to an end in 2007.  Oh wait, wasn’t Paul Johnson coaching Navy when they broke that one?

Today, college football is truly at a fever pitch.  It gets so much coverage, pundits are always scrambling for something to talk about, everyone’s over-analyzing everything, and fans are so incredibly superstitious, that it isn’t surprising that the home win streak against Georgia Tech by UVA is getting some attention. 

But at the end of the day, Georgia Tech is a very good team that is continuing to improve as the year goes on.  Virginia has improved in recent weeks, but in reality they’re an OK team at best. 

Besides, if the legendary Bobby Bowden couldn’t save his job against Tech at home, what makes anyone think Al Groh can?