Yankees Win Pie Eating Contest...How Sweet It Is!

Joseph JoveContributor IOctober 19, 2009

The New York Yankees have an insatiable sweet tooth. It is a very good thing that the organisation provides an excellent dental plan.

 I, in all my years, have never seen such a pie eating binge like this years Bronx Bombers are enjoying.

They are a bunch of pie eating lunatics, running around the diamond like a flock of sugar crazed birds.

Pie's are flying left and right, up and down, forward and backwards. A real sugar induced love fest between a winning baseball team. A team that has so much positive energy flowing, that they could bring an inspirational speaker into tears of euphoria.

When they visited Boston, they ate Boston cream pie.

When they played in the west coast, they ate fruit pie.

When they landed in Chicago, they savored deep dish pizza pie (hold the corruption).

when there in the new Cathedral of baseball, they enjoy having good ole Yankee pot pie.

Why do I feel like Nick Swisher has just as much to do with this as AJ Burnett. I like Swisher in pinstripes (don't you Yankee faithful?).

 I like that he is a humble player and I also like his bat in the lineup. Even though sometimes I hold my breath for a second or two when he's playing the outfield.

I hope the Yanks keep him on the roster for a while. He is a clutch hitter who injects the team with a "boys will be boys good fun attitude," remember this is a game, you play better when your having fun.

Remember what a cast of long faced ball players we had last year?

Where did it get us?

I know the injuries had a big part of it, but that team looked miserable in the dug out.

This season they look like a young team having a lot of fun, and most importantly their winning ball games. So I hope swisher stays.

Jeter looks like he had a drink or two from the fountain of youth to accompany his serving of pie. You can't deny that Jeter looks like he is having a good ole' time this year.

that proves my point, that this game needs to be played while your having fun on and off the field. Or at least it seems that way to me.

As for the pie gulping phenomenon that's taking New York by storm?

May they continue to have a sugary good winning time.

My name is Joseph Jove, and I'll have a scoop of ice cream with that pie please.