Bound For Glory Over, But Turning Point To Come: What's Next For TNA?

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2009

Bound for Glory 2009 is over and done with, and the eyes of TNAs fans are firmly locked onto Turning Point, the next feast of delights on offer from the promotion.

Despite what criticisms people have towards the booker's, writers, or management, there is no denying that Bound for Glory was a small, tentative step in the right direction for TNA.

With an incredibly strong showing from the X Division, as well as good matches featuring the Tag Teams, both male and female, it's no surprise that there is a high level of anticipation surrounding all people involved.

However, where does Bound for Glory leave TNA facing for the future?

What is next for the championships, as well as the wrestlers chasing them?

TNA Heavyweight Championship

Champion after BFG: AJ Styles

Well, despite the fact that Sting re-signed with TNA in what was billed for months as his final curtain call, it was no surprise that AJ walked out with the gold around his waist.

I mean, why not?

He's waited long enough to receive the belt; he's experienced enough to carry the company on his back; why not reward him with a good title run?

Well, now that he has proven himself partially worthy of holding the title, where is he going to be heading?

With Sting having resigned, as well as pledging ever-dying allegiance to TNA, will we likely see a continuation in this Mentor/Student relationship over the next few months?

It would be highly unlikely for Sting to not be standing in the picture, whether it be in the shadows or the spotlight, but there must be the chance for others to get their opportunity.

However, with Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle embroiled in their little rivalry, as well as the large feud involving MEM and WE, who can step into the picture?

Enter Bobby Lashley.

It's no secret that Dixie Carter has made it known she wants Lashley to be atop both the Wrestling and MMA mountain, and since Lashleys supposed "cross-promotional feud" with Samoa Joe, he needs his next target.

I can see Lashley entering the Heavyweight championship picture sooner rather than later, hopefully bringing in an angered Joe to make it a three-way feud for the gold.

This way, Carter can be appeased, and we still get some good wrestling from Styles and Joe, who deserve an opportunity to be in the spotlight.

TNA X Division Championship

Champion after BFG: Amazing Red

Well, there is no denying that the X Division truly is the jewel in TNA's wrestling crown!

Once again, without a shadow of a doubt, the Ultimate X match stole the show at BFG and showed the array of talent hidden in the division.

Currently, Amazing Red is on an obvious push; beating Samoa Joe for the title, as well as aquiring Don West as a manager, should highlight that to anyone.

However, with all the potential contenders lining up around the block for a shot, who is going to be the lucky candidate this time?

There are many different combinations that can be put into effect regarding the title belt.

On one hand, you have Homicide, a guy currently featured in the current MEM/WE rivalry, who could enter an angle over trying to establish dominance for WE, similar to Samoa Joe's title run.

On the other hand, you have the Motor City Machine Guns, a very underrated team which finally got the chance to actually wrestle for the first time in weeks.

Does this new found airtime mean that they might get the push they so sorely deserve?

In my personal opinion, I can see both D'Angelo Dinero and Suicide entering the frame, mainly due to the fact that they need some way to add spice to their feud; and it also allows the opportunity for Suicide to finally get unmasked somewhere down the line.

Could you imagine a Triple Threat between these guys, with the title and the mask on the line?

That would be pretty damn sweet!

Either way, it's guaranteed that the X Division will become an absolute hot-bed for incredible matches, so in the end, does it really matter?

TNA/IWGP/Knockouts Tag Team Championships

TNA Tag Team Champions after BFG: The British Invasion

IWGP Tag Team Champions after BFG: Team 3D

Knockouts Tag Team Champions after BFG: Taylor Wilde and Sarita

After the major drought of Tag Team recognition from other promotions, it's great to see that the Tag Team Championships were at least on the card, even if they didn't feature the teams we really wanted.

First, onto the KO Championship, and it's safe to say that the right team is currently holding the belts. Since Angelina Love's departure from TNA, it's been obvious that The Beautiful People aren't the same force they once were.

The only problem at the moment though- regarding the belts- is a distinct lack of teams to fight for them.

Since the belts were created, we've lost TBP, Kong and Saeed, and all the other Knockouts are currently in singles feuds.

The only direction I see these titles going in; is into small rivalries with thrown together heel teams, like Alissa Flash and Daffney.

Now then, the TNA and IWGP championships.

Where to begin?

In regards to the IWGP championships, it was completely obvious that Team 3D would win them back, mainly due to NJPW's stance on the situation. This means that its highly unlikely they'll be defended in the TNA ring. They'll more likely be used for bragging rights until they are lost on a Japanese stage.

The TNA Tag Team Championships open up more of a diverse range of ideas.

Currently sitting around the waists of WE members The British Invasion, it's almost a forgone conclusion that MEM will be involved somewhere down the line, as much as we dislike the fact.

It's also quite obvious that Beer Money Inc. are going to throw their hats back into the ring; but they are a team which deserves to hold the gold to re-establish their previously budding dominance in the Tag Team Division.

Personally, I can see all three Tag Team championships staying on the same tracks until Turning Point, where hopefully, BMI can regain the gold and allow different teams to get their shots.

TNA Legends Championship

Champion after BFG: Eric Young

Well, first of all, I'd just like to say that it's about damn time EY was recognized since the start of his heel turn with a championship. Not sure if he could be classed as a "legend," but it's good anyway.

Back to the championship and we now have an interesting development in the MEM/WE rivalry. With EY breaking his promise with Kevin Nash, it's guaranteed that Nash is going to be out for Young's blood, meaning that he'll be in the picture somewhere.

Ah yes, we have Nash, but what about Hernandez?

Super Mex has been a huge target for recruitment, which has also made him a marked man in the eyes of both Young and Nash.

Considering the current ethic to push younger talent, does it mean that Hernandez has him name etched on the title for a future run?

It's highly unlikely for anybody else outside of this little circle to be getting their hands on the belt for a while, so I'd say that Hernandez has as good a chance as anyone else.

I know he might not be "Legend's Championship material," but then hey, "Why'd Nash get to hold the belt?"

TNA Knockout's Championship

Champion after BFG : ODB

Just as the Knockouts Tag Team belts seem to be falling into disarray, the actual singles title seems to be moving into bigger and brighter things.

With the acquisition of talented individuals such as Tara and Hamada, as well as the use of Alissa Flash, there are so many possibilities.

With ODB holding the gold, it allows for more realistic storylines to take place, unlike Awesome Kong, where it was a constant underdog angle, or Cody Deaner, who should just not be allowed in a wrestling ring.

With Kong seemingly focusing her attention on Saeed and Tara respectively, it allows for many of the newer Knockouts to stake their claim at the championship.

At the moment, it would be in TNA's best interest to allow a strong competitor to come forward and bring out the best in ODB, who has fallen under the radar recently; and with seasoned performers like Wilde and Sarita being wrapped up in the Tag Team division; this is the perfect opportunity to establish a new star.

In my opinion, the top contender should be Alissa Flash or Hamada, who are both very strong, gifted performers that deserve the chance to shine.

With their current storyline pitting them against each other, could we see ODB become incorporated in the angle?

I think so, as we could then see some potentially good matches, which is something that has been sorely lacking in WWE.

With TNA at the moment, they've been making small steps in the right direction, but the important thing is to maintain this momentum. It's no good building a half decent base, if you aren't going to add to it.

However, with the state of the divisions, and the priority of pushing younger stars into the spotlight, I can only see things getting better from here.


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