Alabama 7-0 Heading Into The Rest Of The Season.

Ren C.Correspondent IOctober 19, 2009

TUSCALOOSA - OCTOBER 17:  Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates a field goal during the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 17, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The Crimson Tide beat the Gamecocks 20-6.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

It is mid season now for Alabama.  They are seven and zero after a strange and at times frustrating game this past Saturday, October 17th,2009 at Bryant-Denny,Alabama's  Homecoming game hosting the South Carolina Gamecocks.

It was clear to this writer,that injuries resulting in a key player or two being side lined.  And the Quarterback having an off day.  It was one those flashback,grid-iron mud bowl games of the 21st century.  Alabama did not play fashionable correct football.  They played,they changed up,they met the challenge that Spurrier's Gamecock's brought.  And they won.

In the SEC and many conferences in NCAA Football,these days teams have to know how to change,how to mix it up.  And win,even if it's not television pretty.  The win is what is important.

Penalties plagued the teams.  Alabama's Coach Saban stressed that they must work on the penalty side of things and improve. 

Rolando McClain,Mark Ingram,Marquis Maze,what can one say about such young men.  They  prove once again,that when given the task,they can get the job done.  Alabama's defense,held South Carolina to 6 points.  Alabama defeated South Carolina 20-6.

I have heard Sports Casters wondering why,Alabama hasn't had any Heisman winners?

The answers to their qury may lie in the fact that like Coach Bryant and Coach Stallings,and the other Alabama Coaches;Coach Saban coaches a team,every player is just as important as the other.  When a Coach and his staff deal with "There is no I in Team!"  Most of the time,you get a smooth running team.  But for those teams who have one player in the spotlight repeatedly,it tends to become a one player team,rather than the entire team of men. 

I personally would love to Alabama players win the Heisman;but it by no means dictates superiority when a person wins the Heisman.  It is an honor given to top players. 

I would much rather see Alabama as a team win team honors than to see one player win a heisman award and the team not take a top prize.

Maybe it is just because of the SEC tradition and Alabama's tradition.  But I agree with Coach Bryant.  "Winning isn't everything,but it sure beats anyone who comes in second."  Coach Bryant*

Yes,a Heisman would be a wonderful award for an Alabama Player.  But it is not the only thing in the universe.  It is icing on the cake for that player,fortunate to win one.

So,as Alabama rolls onward this coming week,preparing for the next game.  We wish them well,and we remind players and fans to heed Coach Saban's call.  To do their jobs well. 

Coach Saban is always pleased when the fans,and the players execute their jobs well.

So, as Alabama prepares to welcome Tennessee,to Tuscaloosa,October 24th,2009;the team prepares for the game,and the fans prepare for their part.  Big AL readies,Ole Smokey prepares too.  The bands practice their songs.  All preparing for the next game of the week. 

If you're gonna do something,do it right.  If you're not gonna do it right,then don't do it at all.

Polls,are just that. Polls.  Stay focused on your goals,meet your goals each game,and you will be successful,both on a field or in real life.  Cause something good,to happen today.  Believe in yourself and your team members.  Reaching for the stars and beyond,it's another date under the lights in the SEC.