Get Your Hate On!: It's Tennessee Week, Everybody

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009


(Disclaimer: This Article is meant for humor. After receiving tons of profanity based and ignorant comments, I want to make sure people understand that this is HUMOR!!! If you like it great if not oh well it is a game people. If you doubt anything I have said about the Vol nation and believe that my opinion's and shots towards them are unwarranted then just read some of the comments and you will see that they make my point for me.)

I will make no bones or mistakes about this article; it is 100 percent slanted and bias against Tennessee. I have respect for every team in the SEC except the Vols. I despise this team, and as any real Alabama fan will tell you, there are only two teams to root for: Alabama and whoever’s playing Tennessee.

I wasn't old enough to remember how much Bear despised this backwoods, ignorant, sister marrying, bunch of hillbilly buttholes. I don't remember exactly how Johnny Majors got shafted by Phil Fulmer, but I do remember that the very sight of this Fat [child born out of wedlock] made my blood boil.

I do remember this Stay Puff stunt double turning Alabama in to NCAA based on his ethics. Ethics!! This man stabbed his friend, boss, and mentor in the back while he was fighting for his life!!! Phil Fulmer is about as ethical as a Tobbacco Lobbyist. He turned Alabama and cooperated with the NCAA to avoid sanctions for similar infractions against Tennessee.

Ah, but all that is in the past, and Tennessee fired the arrogant and pompous Phil Fulmer to start a new. Tennessee went out and found a young, vibrant, intelligent, and rising coaching commodity in Lane Kiffin.

What a joke; this man has made Al Davis look like and competent professional businessman. If it were not for Papa Monte, Lane would be 1-4 and the Kiffin name would be a synonym for ignorance.

Lane has run his mouth and looked completely incompetent ever since he arrived in Tennessee. We all know about his catfight with Urban Myer. We all heard his comments about Alabama and Memphis.

He lost to UCLA and Auburn at home. These teams combined for eight wins last year. Sure, he beat Georgia like a steel drum, but really, Georgia is awful on defense.

His coaching staff is filled with recruiters. Ed Orgeron can recruit like it’s nobody's business but could not coach the Minnesota Vikings to a division three championship. His staff is blessed with one shining hope, Monte Kiffin.

I feel sorry for Monte to have his son drag his family's name through the mud. How ashamed and embarrassed he must feel to watch his son act like coaching is an MTV reality show.

Still, this week is about the teams, not the coaches. Tennessee has a good defense, which has the capability of causing Alabama some troubles, but on the other hand, their offense doesn’t stand a prayer against Alabama's D. This has all the makings of a blowout and one hell of a Rammer Jammer.

Eric Berry aside, this Tennessee team is filled with high school talent. I'm sure that it will win the division five Tennessee state championship, but it is not even to go bowling against SEC opponents.

Really this may not even be the best team in Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State and Vanderbilt could give them a run for their money. Memphis could whoop Tennessee on a neutral field.

Lane and his staff are pointing to the years ahead, which is slang for we stink!!! So expect Tennessee to shoot for the Moral Victory against Alabama this Saturday. We all know that Tennessee can stay within 14 points of Florida, so they must be good, right?

Too bad Arkansas and LSwho can do that as well and neither of them has a defense like Alabama's and Mark Ingram running the ball.

The thing I look forward to the most in this matchup of Andre the Giant Vs Nancy Pelosi is Mark Ingram and Eric Berry colliding. Eric stopped Tebow dead in his tracks, but Ben Tate sent him flying like a 747 on takeoff. It should be interesting to see what happens when he hits the Mark Ingram express.

In closing, I would once again like to offer no apology for any of the cruel things I have said about Tennessee. I wish Tennessee nothing but ill will and hope that good things avoid them at all cost. It is my deepest desire that they play their best game and lose 100-0.

I wonder if Nick Saban can make the Scarecrow cry? It was the Tin Man who didn't have a heart, so Lane must be the Scarecrow since he lacks a brain. Roll Tide and Rammer Jammer Bama fans and remember: I love (to Hate) Tennessee. It's in our blood.


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