TNA's Bound For Glory: Small, Positive Steps Toward Their Future

Bill LCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2009

Bound For Glory showed signs tonight that TNA is starting to move in the right direction with their booking and some of their storylines.  They have a long way to go, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


Rather than write a full-blown recap of the event, I will link you to the recap written at TNAWrestlingNews.Com and utilize my article space for my thoughts and opinions on each match. is also the source of some of the reports I reference in this article as well.


The main show starts off with the X-Division match.  As noted in the recap, the crowd was hot for this and showed a lot of love for the X-Division guys.  Even Homicide, who has turned heel recently by becoming a member of the World Elite faction, got tons of love from the crowd.


A last minute change in the lineup saw the MCMG take the place of D’Angelo Deniro.  It was reported that there was a family emergency for Deniro that required this switch.


Daniels and Suicide took a somewhat nasty bump toward the end of the match, and in the post-event conference noted they were sore.  Daniels is said to have a slight shoulder separation from the fall he took.  All in all, it was a great X-Division match, with Amazing Red retaining his title.


This was a great “leadoff” match choice and I thought it had good action in it. I like how they used the dark match between Lethal Consequences and MCMG to fill the Pope’s spot.  I thought that gave the dark match some purpose for more than just entertaining the crowd.  The only thing that was odd to me was replacing one man with 2 men, but the match still seemed to work ok.


A backstage bit with TBP comes on next.  Velvet and Madison start calling Lauren “JB”, which I thought was funny.  Those two go on to talk about how they were the original Knockouts, the tag titles were made for them, and they’re ready to take the gold home tonight.  Lacey spouted off some dumb catchphrase after all of that, which sort of killed the segment.


They then switch to Sarita and Taylor Wilde with the real JB for a promo.  Taylor says that TBP can keep making excuses, and they’ll keep making history.  Sarita says something, and then repeats it in Spanish.  She needs to work on her mic skills in my opinion.


Knockouts Tag Title Match is coming up next.  Lacey’s kissing the match referee and senior referee Earl Hebner to gain favor to stay at ringside, but neither one will have it and they send her packing.  Sky and Rayne throw a fit.  Sorry ladies, you’re going to have to win this match 2 on 2.


I honestly also thought you’d see more mischief from TBP to get the belts, but dismissing Lacey from ringside played into that I’m sure.  I thought Sarita and Taylor had great teamwork, especially when they isolated Sky for a period of time in the match.  I will eat my words from before and say that the match was better than I thought it was going to be.


The next backstage segment comes up, this time with Eric Young and Kevin Nash with Lauren.  Both Nash and Young consider Hernandez a black mark on the industry, and the deal they struck will work out just as they planned it.  Nash says the deal is a win-win for all involved.


The Legends Title match is next.  So far, TNA has decently arranged the card.  As expected, there was a lot of 2 against 1 action with EY and Nash teaming up on Hernandez.  There were some decent spots for Super Mex to rally and make it look like he would win this match – not “Cena Superman” style, because Hernandez seemed to sell better than Cena does.


I thought they gave away EY’s swerve though at this point:  Super Mex fights his way out of a 2 on 1 beat down at one point but is greeted with a double elbow and EY goes for the pin. Nash breaks the pin up and looks angry, while EY looks confused before realizing the deal he made.


I figured that EY’s swerve on Nash would involve other WE members because of the heat between the Mafia and WE. It was just about the kind of match I thought it would be, and I also thought the actual finishing move of the match was a bit lame.  It will be interesting to see how this goes forward in terms of storyline between the three men.


Chaos backstage as all the teams in the Full Metal Mayhem match, except for Team 3D, are arguing.  Brutus Magnus is on the mic and says they all need to team up against Team 3D tonight. Beer Money is reluctant to join in and seems more interested in finding James Storm’s beer.


The Full Metal tag match is next.  I’m sure with all the tables, ladders, and chairs involved in this match that there will be a lot of bruises tomorrow.  Team 3D recaptured the IWGP belts, and The British Invasion captured the TNA Tag belts.


Between all the tables, chairs, ladders, a run-in by Rhyno and Zakk Wylde getting involved, the match was indeed mayhem.   The crowd went especially nuts during this match when Bubba prompted for Team 3D’s long-famous line “GET THE TABLES!”


After the rumors that were circulating about the IWGP belts, it sort of gave the end away, at least with Team 3D winning back the IWGP titles.  I do think we have seen the last of Booker T, as he was “stretchered out” during the match.  Just speculating, but this is TNA’s opportunity to write him off of TV.  Surprisingly, Steiner looked decent in this match – so it makes one wonder what will happen with him now.


The Knockouts Title Triple-Threat match is next.  I’m still “ok” with this card arrangement, but this match was a bit of a letdown.  ODB retained the title with a pin on Kong. The fan interference, though not an in-ring interference, was a bit lame and something we’ve seen before in a title match (ala Bret DiBiase at SummerSlam).


I am left pondering the disappointment and anger between Kong and Saeed at the end of the match.  Does this foretell a split of those two?  After all, Saeed is actually more than one character as she is also Alissa Flash, a character that has been seeing a little more action lately against Hamada in particular.


As a side note, the “fan” that got involved was MMA star Randy Couture’s wife Kim.  It was reported that she also twittered “she needs to stay with the fake stuff” about Tara at some point during the evening.  Another report says that Tara and Kim have been sparring verbally for a while now.


Next is the submissions match between Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe.  If Joe was sick in this match as was reported by several sites, it wasn’t totally obvious as it seemed to be decently worked.  As could be expected, Lashley took advantage of his power moves where he could, and Joe tried to work submission moves on Lashley’s legs and rib area.  Lashley picked up the win by choking Joe out.


Monster’s Ball is coming up, but first JB is interviewing Mick Foley.  Mick says that if Abyss is going to overshadow him, that’s fine but he’s going to have to do it the hard way.


Monster’s Ball lived up to the hardcore billing, in my opinion. Abyss won the match but as expected, Dr. Stevie was not an impartial referee and got involved a number of times in Mick’s favor.  A lot of barbed wire got used in this match and I think everyone who participated in the match ate it at some point.  Even Daffney got to taste the barbed wire toward the end by being thrown through a board covered with it.


I have to admit, it's getting painful to watch Mick Foley wrestle.  I hope at least Mick's portion of this storyline is over.


The Godfather, Kurt Angle, is interviewed by JB.  With all that’s happened to the Mafia tonight, Kurt is still calm.  Kurt says he’s going to teach Matt Morgan that respect is damn real tonight and their match is up next.


All in all, the match went as I personally expected it would.  It came down to Matt Morgan’s size and strength against Kurt Angle’s skill.  Kurt came out with the win, but Morgan didn’t look terrible in the match.  It was a bit hard to tell if the handshake at the end was scripted or real, but definitely respect was earned in that match.


Finally, the main event comes up: AJ Styles vs. Sting for the World Heavyweight Title.  I thought this match was well executed, with a lot of good moments.  I really felt like Sting showed that he still had it in this match.  If this is how Sting is going to finish his career, he didn’t do his legacy any harm.  AJ ended up retaining the title in the end.


I also thought the moment after the match when AJ yielded the ring so that Sting could speak to the hometown crowd was a classy move.  Lots of chants from the crowd, like “you still got it” and “Sting” and “one more year” made it a very emotional moment.


Have we seen the last of Sting?  I am not sure, but I am sensing the end of his career is close.  Rumors on some websites have him signing a six-month deal and then hanging it up.


If I were to grade this event, I’d give it a B-.  I thought the card arrangement was good and the match quality was decent. noted in one of their reports that TNA management was happy with the event and that it came off well, and I agree.  I was disappointed by the Knockouts Title match a bit and I keep finding myself hoping that Mick Foley doesn’t wrestle anymore.


With this event, I think TNA has shown that they’re beginning to take steps in the right direction for their future.  Now we wait and see what they bring to the table between now and Turning Point next month to see if indeed they can continue some positive momentum.