Saint Alex Rodriguez: Is A-Rod A Born Again Yankee?

Joseph JoveContributor IOctober 19, 2009

Wait...waaaaa? Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing? Can someone please kick me in the nut-sack, I just want to be sure I'm not dreaming.

Alex Rodriguez is a dominating force in the post season!

Alex Rodriguez is almost single handily carrying the Yankees, on his back...IN OCTOBER!

Well, I must be having another one of those "Yankees win every single game Alice in wonderland dreams again" because A-Rod has been, up to now, a total miserable and utterly exasperating failure in the post season.

A-Rod has been the epitome of a scrub, a looser with no heart or talent, when the month of October comes around.

But now, I am seeing a super star, a winner with the heart of a lion. A reincarnation of Ruth and Jackson, in one.

After he admitted to performance Enhancing drugs in the beginning of the season, I said to myself " Is this guy really worth all this aggravation" now I am thinking " Oh boy! This guy is really worth every bit of aggravation!"

Oommf! Yup...(Speaking in a girly voice) someone just teed off on my nut-sack "yup...yup, I'm not dreaming... Alex really is crushing the balls" (Voice back to normal again) wow, I can't believe it, my wife caught me by total surprise.

I wonder what caused this dramatic and inexplicable change in A-Rod's performance this 2009 post season?

Is it his cleansed conscience after admitting the unspeakable (PEDs)?

Is it his escape from a failed marriage? No, because Alex to put it bluntly, sucked in October even before his marriage with his ex-wife.

Is it his new Hollywood starlet girlfriend, who has pushed all his right buttons? Maybe, I mean, what man wouldn't have a great big smile on his face with that foxy lady tucking him in every night.

Honey no...please! I was just speaking metaphorically about her (that was my wife again ready to unload a goal) wooof... lucky I was paying close attention, I already have a bad taste in my mouth from the last one (kick in the...).

I really don't know how or why Alex is crushing the apposing pitchers heads into the mound, like a squashed pumpkin in the month of halloween. it sure is a trick to watch him play this post season, but the treat will be to watch him do it in the WS.

My name is Joseph (red nuts) Jove, and, is A-Rod a born again Yankee?