High Times at Cleveland High, Circa 2007

Aaron StevensonContributor IOctober 19, 2009

Several "analysts" continue to put discontent on Brady Quinn for his collegiate competitors or are still in lust with Derek Anderson in 2007.  Several Browns supporters long for an answer at not only Quarterback, but team leader and COMPETITOR.  Several writers on this site gear their articles at the QB debate.

This article is geared towards the QB solution .

Choosing Brady Quinn:


  • -Unite a team and city without the quarterback controversy.
  • -Because when given a chance, he could be the answer.


  • -Because you just traded away a talented QB after giving him 5.87 starts in the NFL and a guy who WANTS to play for the Cleveland Browns.
  • -Because this guy may be the answer for the franchise and you've ditched him after giving him 5.87 starts in the NFL.


Choosing Derek Anderson:


  • -He does have the arm strength to keep a defense honest.
  • -Because he has a Pro Bowl on his resume`.
  • -Because he went 10-6 in 2007.


  • -He has the actual throws to keep a defense worth fantasy value.
  • -Trent Green went to the Pro Bowl, too
  • -Because he's four wins, 10.5 losses against the AFC North (three wins in 2007).


Trading for a current Journeyman/Veteran:


  • -You wouldn't have to identify the talent available in the draft and could dive right in to winning some games.


  • -There is nobody available, it's not a long term solution, the Browns are not going to the playoffs this year so winning isn't the priority.


Drafting a Franchise Quarterback:


  • -You'll have a fresh face and a clean slate.
  • -Maybe THIS time we'll get that guy we need.


  • -We need to use high picks for RT, RG, RB and LB.
  • -Because we may start him for 5.87 games over the course of three years under two offensive systems and label him a bust (see Brady Quinn)
  • -Con because it could be another link in the Cleveland Curse.

Let's face it, either Eric Mangini is:

  1. Smart for saving the bonus money that we can use to keep Cribbs.
  2. Stupid if he trades Quinn.
  3. Not at fault because he was given this situation.
  4. Totally his fault because he's made it worse.


Let's hear it, Browns faithful.