Haters Silenced, Darian Durant Now Among CFL's Premier Quarterbacks

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2009

All season long, Darian Durant has been going through critisizm but that finally seems to have ended. Multiple times this season, Rider fans have called for Durant to be pulled and have backup Stephen Jyles put into the game. Rider coach Ken Miller also hasn't had full confidence in his quarterback as multiple times he has stated they will rotate quarterbacks throughout the game. The most recent of time he said this was two weeks ago before their game against Calgary. Durant responded to this comment by throwing for 198 yards, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 131.8.

The Riders are currently tied for 1st place in the West at 8-6-1 with the Calgary Stampeders whom they just recently tied. In that game, Darian Durant heavily out dueled opposing quarterback Henry Burris. Durant had a better completion percentage by over 10%, had 1 more touchdown, 1 less interception, 147 more passing yards and 4 more rushing yards.

Durant ranks in the top 4 in nearly every statistical quarterback category. He currently sits 4th in passing yardage at 3670 (5th is 1558 yards behind), second in touchdown passes with 20 and has the 4th best completion percentage among starters. Durant's biggest problem has been interceptions. Right now, Durant has the most interceptions in the league at 18, but in the last two games has had no interceptions and 5 touchdown passes.

Another aspect of Durant's game that makes opposing teams scared is his ability to use his legs. Durant is constantly running around in the backfield avoiding sacks. He has had many plays this season where he has had to extend the play with his legs by a couple of seconds and has ended up completing the pass. Durant is also second among quarterbacks in rushing yards with 413. He has four less fumbles then the leading rushing quarterback (Henry Burris) and has the highest yards per carry average among starting quarterbacks with 8.8.

In my opinion, Darian Durant is one of the leagues best quarterbacks. At this point and time, the only quarterback playing better is Anthony Calvillo while Kevin Glenn is starting to come into his own as well.

Should the Riders finish first place in the West, Darian Durant should be a very legitimate contender for the Western Conference Most Outstanding Player Award.