College Football Week 7 Thoughts and Opinioins

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 18, 2009


Who is Number One...anywhere?

Not just nationally, but some of the conferences are up in the air too.

The SEC gives us both questions. Florida and Alabama are flip-flopping the one and two spots for now, as it seems Alabama is the best in the nation and the conference.

Ohio State was basically the favorite in the Big 10, but they lost to Purdue.  Iowa and Penn State now hold down the top of the conference.

USC has won the Pac 10 for seven years, but right now Oregon leads the conference.  The game on Halloween night in Eugene appears to be the game of the year for the conference, assuming they both get past next weeks games.

Georgia Tech’s upset over highly-ranked Virginia Tech throws the ACC into a spin.

It’s still pretty safe to bet on Texas in the Big XII South, but the North is all over the place after losses by probably the three favorites.



I still can’t figure it out.  Georgia Tech was one of my early favorites, and they still look good.  To try and pick the conference though is a bigger crap shoot than if I had a gun in an outhouse.  Ok so I’m not great with analogies but you get the idea.


Auburn Yo-Yo

The yo-yo starts with the hire of Chizik. The fans wanted nothing to do with him. His record at Iowa State pretty much explains why.

Then they win and keep winning. And the offense looked really good.

Then they lost. Can’t win them all can you? But now they lost again.

Personally I think Auburn had the benefit of an easy schedule to start the season and that Chizik isn’t really that good of a coach.  Anyone else notice that Iowa State only needs one more win to match his entire win total there?



Going bowling?  It's now possible. 

The Vandals got win number six and are now eligible.  The reason we can’t say it is a sure thing is the bowl deals for the WAC.  There have been a number of six-win teams in the WAC that did not go to a bowl.  If they can manage one more win then they should get somewhere.  I am guessing Hawaii.


I am talking to you Washington Huskies. After that amazing yet controversial win over Arizona last week with an interception that may or may not have bounced off ground, Washington lost in dramatic fashion without controversy at Arizona State.

Sun Devils quarterback Danny Sullivan threw a 50 yard touchdown pass with five seconds left.  On the receiving end was Chris McGaha.   McGaha is one of the leading receivers for the Sun Devils but he was mostly quiet all night.  In fact his only reception of the night was this one.

I am sure he will gladly take one reception for a game winning touchdown instead of a mess of yards and catches.


Something that Really Matters: RIP Jasper Howard

Forget football for a second and let your hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and teammates of Jasper Howard.

Howard was tragically stabbed and killed on Saturday night.

Howard was a starting corner for the Huskies.