Sting in WWE HOF, Arn Anderson on Tosh.0, Wrestling Tights

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2009

For over two decades one of the most recognizable, popular wrestlers in the industry has been STING.  One thing that separates Sting from almost every other wrestler of his popularity level (Hogan, Savage, Hart etc..) is that he has never wrestled in a WWE ring.  Some perfectionists might say that When WWE owned WCW for the last Nitro when Sting faught Flair that he was in a WWE ring at that particular moment but it was still WCW as far as i am concerned.

Sting is a 12 time world champion having held titles from TNA WCW and the NWA. He is certainly known as the guy who kept WCW afloat until they got Hogan.  But the big question is not whether he would accept an offer to go to the WWE hall of Fame, its whether or not the offer would exist.

Vince Mcmahon has tried on a few occasions to get Sting to join WWE and its always ended with a no from Sting.  This may sour the WWE on offering him a spot anytime in the near future.  Sting has always been the WWE's competition, not their comrade, so for them to want him in the hall of fame would not be imaginable until a significant ammount of time has passed after he retires.

There is always the small chance that he could be recognized for his contributions to the sport alone but the WWE only has a few people in their hall of fame that were never part of the organization, in fact Verne Gagne is the only one i can think of. 

Sting has friends in the WWE in shawn michaels and Arn Anderson so he might not be out of the running completely, but as far as Sting deserving to be in the hall of fame i certainly think he is deserving. 

Sting has been one of the major players in pro wrestling since he won his first world title.  He was a major part of the success of WCW, especially during the early NWO period, and he is known for being a good backstage precense.

If Sting ever made non wrestling appearances with WWE it would probably cement his chances but if he continues to avoid the biggest dog in the fight then he will never win.

Double A Arn Anderson, the worlds most popular wrestler?

Anyone who watches the show Tosh.0 on comedy central may have noticed that Daniel said that if wrestlers were recognized for mat ability than arn anderson would be considered the most famous wrestler in the world.  Not only does this show that Daniel is a real wrestling fan, but it shows he is a smart one.

Arn Anderson is considered by many to be the worlds best wrestler to never hold a world title.  He has a long wrestling career and he continues working with WWE to develop their younger talent.  He recently appeared as the voice of Santino's Shockmaster which was the funniest wrestling call back ever.

Could a comment supporting AA like this help Daniel Tosh become a future Raw guest host? He may not be popular enough to host yet, but neither was Ben Rothlisomething, and lets not forget that Nancy Odell is only a TV host as well and she hosted so maybe we could see Daniel Tosh host Raw soon.  He did get the backyard wrestler back on TV so who knows.

Everyone wears tights

Something i have noticed recently is the WWE has far more people wearing tights then they used to.  Matt Hardy converted to tights, Jeff left, Miz awitched to trunks, hornswoggle doesnt count, and Ricky Ortiz's sweat pants are gone and now Cryme tyme is the only plain clothes wrestlers left.

The WWE used to have guys like right to censor, big boss man, undertaker, mankind and numerous others who wore some kind of regular clothes but now we seem to be regressing to the 80's where everyone wears tights again.  I know that wrestling has always been dominated by trunks and singlets but they used to have a decent mix with guys who dressed in real clothes.

Now all we have is guys in lycra and spandex, its kind of boring to see less originality in the attires these days.