Has Jose Mourinho's Reputation Been Damaged?

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IJune 4, 2008

FC Porto have been banned from the UEFA Champions League after being found guilty of match fixing during the league season of 03/04. The games involved were in the Portuguese league but the main points of interest in the scandal are that Mourinho was managing at the time and that it was the season they won the Champions League.

I suppose the question in every-ones mind is this, "Should they lose the recorded honour of the trophy for illegal conduct elsewhere in the same season?"

This is a tough one because of the amount of individuals involved with a football organisation and the various reasons they would have for bribing officials. But then again in this case the club president has also been suspended for two years which means he was in some way involved. This is terribly incriminating for the club just because of who he is.

Now apparently Mourinho has been absolved of any liability in this particular circumstance but for him this must be extremely aggravating because of the time that the incidents took place. This was the club at which he had his finest hour and the very season in which he was elevated onto the level of some of footballing history's greatest managers.

To win the Champions League is a great feat but to win the Champions League in the same season as the club you are working for is charged with bribery is strangely embarrassing.

The question will inevitably come up "who else did they bribe?"

Until this question is answered perhaps it is actually possible to doubt the greatness of "The special one."

Then again he did progress on and win the EPL with Chelsea which as everyone knows is no mean feat.

But this entire incident basically calls the whole result of the Champions League in that season into doubt and once again the shadow of corruption falls across our beloved game. After the other high profile scandals in the last few years and now this you have to wonder what else will come out.