Creature Vs. Creature Writers Pool: Results After Bank of America 500

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2009


It was a Saturday night at Lowe’s Motor Speedway that many didn't find surprising. Chasers struggled and Jimmie Johnson dominated to get his Lowe’s Chevrolet in victory lane and extend his points lead over teammate Mark Martin.

But it was also a Saturday night that was surprising for our Creatures. Not just because only one of the picks finished in the top ten, but because none of them picked Johnson at ‘his house.’

As a result there was no victory celebration for our Creatures, just movement in the point standings. As the Sprint Cup Series heads to the Martinsville Mile, the paper clip, here’s a look at how the Creatures will be arriving.

Ben Bomberger (5.823 ) Tony Stewart finished 13th (3 )

Mary Jo Buchanan (-27 ) Mark Martin finished 17th (1 )

Kara Martin (-28 ) Kasey Kahne finished third (3 )

Kelly Crandall (-109 ) Kasey Kahne finished third (2 )

Rob Tiongson (-142 ) Kasey Kahne finished third (2 )

Jen Preston (-211 ) Juan Pablo Montoya finished 35th (1 )

James Broomhead (-229 ) Ryan Newman finished 11th (3 )

David Phillips (-268 ) NO PICK SENT (2 )

Mason Dunn (-270 ) NO PICK SENT (0 )

SM Napier (-318 ) Kasey Kahne finished third (2 )

Danielle Henderson (-468 ) Kasey Kahne finished third (2 )

Adam Heasley (-793 ) NO PICK SENT (3 )

Next weekend comes the bumping and banging of the Martinsville Speedway where Jimmie Johnson won earlier this year and will be the defending winner of this event.

Creatures remember to have your picks in as soon as possible. If you are going to risk and send it in on Friday, it must be in within 30 minutes of the articles publication (approx. 8:15).