Why Is The Sky Falling in The Gator Nation

brandon nealCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 17: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators rushes upfield against the University of Arkansas Razorbacks October 17, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Please calm down Gator Nation!

Now that I have had time to digest this win my feelings have some what changed. I went from screaming mad to very relieved and then to feeling a little guilty.

At the end of the day you have two sides to every story. Alot of folks in the gator nation were and still are screaming for heads to role after this performance. Yes the play calling was questionable to say the least. UF did look flat as a board. But do we sound stupid when we complain?  Again we are arm chair coaches who don't have the luxury of seeing players practice day in and day out. Nor do we even have the knowledge or know how to evaluate talent even if it were right in front of our faces. The arm chair coach in us is getting angry because our Wide Receivers are not stepping up. All though my personal opinion is how do you step up when you aren't being given the chance to make a play? Name 3WRs that had a catch.....(It took you a minute) But I should remember that these coaches are paid millions to evaluate talent and to make the best football team in the country. After 2MNCs in three years Id say they have been doing a great job. Coaches know the players inside and out. They have knowledge that we don't have.

Something else we seem to be forgetting is how much we did lose on offense. We lost our OC, Percy, and Murphy. That's a big percentage of Offense. After watching Percy in the NFL I can see where we lost so much more than people realized.

I'm not trying to tell anybody how to act. Lord knows I was calling Brandon James every name in the book when he refused to play fundamental football and flop on a ball that's bouncing around between 3 defensive players especially when your in the red zone! Nor am I saying we shouldn't form negative opinions. I'll tell you right now the Offense looks like crap. I hate this lets just play to win football. I'm a fan of blow em out leave the stadium early football. I still for the love of god cant figure out why Urban doesn't use his all purpose backs. It seems Urban has zero tolerance for all purpose backs fumbling but if your a scat back you have more leniency.

BUT we won. The team we beat was very underrated. I'll even put myself out there and say Arkansas just might be the sleeping giant from the west. We got some calls via the officials but we had 5 turnovers as well and STILL won. Thats very very hard to do. Were the turnovers bad luck or lack of discipline? Well Id have to say a little of both. Chris Rainey blowing by somebody and getting the ball dislodged by a frigging toe is lack of disciplined football. I don't care whats happening the ball should not be carried like a loaf of bread. I'm sure you will see a bunch of fumble drills in the next practice. But the bad luck is every fumble got away from us. Now you have the same number on both sides of the field. Considering the ball is leaving the offensive players hands you would think statistically he have the best chance of getting the ball back. But NO we lost every freaking one. Did Arkansas loss any fumbles?

So in summary IMO We were over confident (like last years Ole Miss game) Arkansas was very under rated (like last years Ole Miss) We played against a NFL QB (Like last years Ole Miss) We played like crap (Like Ole Miss last year) Multiple red zone turn overs in the red zone (like last years Ole Miss) But unlike last year we won the game. Again we won the game in spite of the fact that we gave them multiple turn overs in the red zone. The good news is UF is a excellent football team that has yet to gel. Once we do look out! Its very possible that UF turns it on very soon.