TNA Bound For Glory Preview(predictions)

Dale BurkeContributor IOctober 18, 2009

This Sunday live from Irvine California wrestling fans are "Bound" to experience one of the most impressive displays of professional wrestling, to date. With a stacked roster full of talent Total Non-stop Action wrestling's big PPV of the year (their second one technically since Slammiversary is billed as the "Superbowl" of TNA.).

This year TNA has brought all the big guns from their 2009 roster for this event. we have plenty of matches that have multiple participants and a few one on one encounters with no title implications(what?) 

First I will Break Down EY vs Kevin Nash vs Hernandez for Nash's Legends Championship.
For weeks we have seen EY's World Elite both try to recruit Hernandez and butt heads with Main Event Mafia, however Eric Young recently told Nash that he didn't care about the title he cared about taking out Hernandez for refusing to join the World Elite. 
With The three people in this match i imagine that they will have Eric Young and Hernandez for most of the match but having Big Kev in there as their crutch in case fans weren't interested in the WE vs Hernandez they have the extra element to also build the WE vs MEM they like to tease. My thoughts are that the Legends title belongs On a Legend. giving it to Eric Young over giving EY a shot at the world title really would lessen the effect of him leading the World Elite but it would Boost the Ego he presents of himself. I do not see this title being off Big Kev's waist any time soon.

Now on to tag team Mayhem of the Full Metal variety.
Full Metal Mayhem looks to Bring the emphasis on pain, Two sets of tag titles above the ring and four teams vying for TnA and Iwgp tag straps. a lot of tag team gold on the line tonight. Recently the Iwgp tag champs and the TNA tag champs have been butting heads over the idea of being the current most dominant team of all time. In the challenger's section of this match are two teams that shouldn't be taken lightly in team 3d (aka the most decorated tag team ever.) and Beer Money sadly though lately it has seemed like the focus has been on British invasion and MEM. I see a heel team and a face team winning though id like to see a team go up and have each partner grab a set of the titles. I'm looking for British invasion to swap titles and become TNA tag champs while team 3d will use their experience to grab them the Iwgp titles.

Next up we have a rivalry ready to burst through its boiling point. The Best vs The Blueprint: This match has been brewing  and the build up to it even while having angle also focused on the World Title has made this a match of epic proportions. We have on one side of the ring a man who has been the definition of intensity in pro wrestling for over 10 years. It really doesn't seem all to long ago that people were clamoring about an Olympic Champions journey to the top of the business. as many Amateur wrestlers that pro wrestling has seen in its time no one has brought that conversion from Amateur collegiate wrestling to Professional Wrestling Superstar like Kurt Angle a Pioneer of the mat going from the Circle to the Squared Circle to the Six Sided ring Angle gave Amateur wrestling a focus that mostly Indy promoters feasted on in the 90s. And just a short time since he faces the Wet Dream of most Wrestling Promoters A 6'8" Behemoth of a human Being that goes by the name "The Blueprint" Not often are we met with a match of this talent with a "big man" involved but if any "Big man" should be used to represent the young Hungry stars of TNA it should be Matt Morgan he is good on the mic and he does his job well. this match has had so much build up that people are chomping at the bit to see it and there is no title on the line. Although I'm looking at Kurt to continue his dominance in TnA there is heavy potential for a barely upset win on Morgans part. look to see Kurt take it but Matt will only Build on his already growing stock.

The Knockouts are the primary focus of plenty of 18-24 year old males and we have two epic KO battles planned for the evening first off Ill take care of the Newly established tag titles. We have the Beautiful People vs Sarita and Taylor wylde. This match up is kind of lop sided as far as the in ring skills goes. we have seen madyson kick some tail in the ring but Velvet we have really only see work as a support running distractions cheating and really little of the in ring abilities show case. and with Lacey outside the ring who knows what will happen. i am looking at Taylor and Sarita to retain but i am hoping BP further cements their position on top of the knockouts tag division.

Now for the triple threat ODB vs Kong vs Tara oddly up until two weeks ago it was three faces for the title. but the tension between Kong and Tara has really pushed Kong back to the baddest KO on the planet. This match is looking to be a fight for the KO title. without a doubt this match will have close calls and tension that will be felt through your TV screens. I see ODB walking out still KO champ though because i think Kong and Tara have something bigger brewing between them. It will be interesting to see if this match even sheds light on who is looking for a shot at the champ next.

The Ultimate X is a match that screams chaos and huge high flying bumps. This match has 5 competitors in it for the X-division title up from a 4way to become #1 contender. This will be a great way to showcase TnA new comer D' Angelo Dinero (julio's brother maybe) He could have easily won the Terror-Dome match in his PPV debut but focused his attention on making sure Suicide could not make it out of the dome. Letting Daniels get the win.Since that match there was a huge upset in the X-division as a returning Amazing Red captured the title from an angry and distracted Samoa Joe. Last minute before PPV weekend the match was adjusted for the champ to defend. also highlighted in this match is a brewing feud between homicide and Christopher Daniels and or Suicide Last week in possibly the best promotion this match has seen Homicide dressed as Daniels former tag partner Suicide attacks Daniel's post match and unmasks himself. Reviving the whole who is Suicide into the fans mind and making many fans think that the focus would be more about dismantling suicide and Daniel's red is the odd man out in this endeavor and i do not foresee him making it against the odds as champ. i am putting my money on homicide Bringing the World Elite back the X division strap.

Let us take a title break for a second and get into our second of three non title one on one encounters it is the Hardcore legend Mick Foley vs in Foley's opinion a Foley Knockoff in the Monster Abyss this match is brought to us under Monster's Ball Rules. Abyss brings in the thumbtacks he is dq'ed Foley ends up in thumbtacks regardless of who brings them into the match Abyss loses. This match in particular is crazy as it comes but with the addition of Dr Stevie as special ref look for some shady dealings during this encounter. I am pulling for Abyss in this match he has the most direction to go from a victory here. Mick was already TNA champ and it did nothing for him or the title. 

Our third non title Epic feud is a fairly new rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe. the Boss vs The Nation of Violence. there is potential for this match to steal the show as Joe and Kurt in an MMA style bout was one of the top matches in TNA's recent history so Joe up against a wrestling/MMA guy. look for Lashley to showcase his MMA skills against the Samoan Submission Machine. Unless Lashley can pull a slew of believable submission moves out of his bag of tricks i am looking for Joe to force the boss to play the power game. I see Joe coming out on top on this night but in no way do i think this is over. this match seems like it is the fodder for a new war in TNA and look for it to be intense and its looking to promise a fun ride for however long they play this feud out.

And for the Showcase Bout of the night a match to also not take lightly its AJ Styles the champion taking on Sting for the World title. They have been teasing this bout as final match of Sting and also AJ has a chance to prove once and for all he wasn't handed the title He has earned it. Normally id expect a five star match out of Styles but its been no lie that time has been taking its toll on Sting as far as Epic title matches goes its a shame it took four years for the proper storyline to pit these two stars against one another. I'm looking for AJ to keep the strap I don't see a point in making him lose after he fought hard for the title to begin with. 

overall this Sunday looks like a big event as it should and without a doubt even some of the undercard will have the potential to be a match of the night quality. This card is so stacked it is anyones guess who open's the night but the pace that match sets will be crucial to how the night plays out.

the Quick list:(Just Predictions)

  1. Samoa Joe def Lashley
  2. Kevin Nash def Hernandez and Eric Young
  3. Team 3d (new IWGP champs) British Invasion (new TNA Champs)
  4. Homicide def Red,Daniels,Dinero and Suicide.
  5. ODB def Kong and Tara
  6. Angle def Matt Morgan
  7. Taylor Wylde and Sarita def Beautiful People
  8. Abyss def Mick Foley
  9. AJ Styles def Sting