TJ Houshmandzadeh: Passion or Cancer? Problems Beginning in Sea-Town?

Lars HansonCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2009

The Seahawks biggest off season acquisition, wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh who signed a five year $40 million dollar contract this past off season has been known for, in the past few weeks, speaking out against the Seahawks coaching staff and players calling for the ball.

In a sense it's like Terrell Owens yelling at Tony Romo or Donovan McNabb saying "I'm not getting the ball and that's why we lose."

Since being signed back in early March TJ has been a complete team player never yapping to the media or being a potential cancer to the Seahawks locker room.

However since the Seahawks-Bears game in week three when he went on the radio saying "the Bears overlooked me in free agency so I'll have to show them up this week" and "the Bears have a weak pass coverage so I'll show them it was a mistake not showing interest in me in the off season".

How did he do against the Bears?

Four receptions, 35 yards, zero touchdowns receptions and the worst statistical game in his short Seahawks career.

So of course next week he becomes "stand office" and doesn't call out anyone and what happens?

He records his first 100 yard game as a Seattle Seahawk. Eight receptions for 103 yards and zero touchdowns.

Here is one of his comments via before the Jacksonville Jaguars game.

"I just got to get these coaches to realize, throw me the ball," Houshmandzadeh said Friday, another variation on a public request he's had for weeks."

Calling out the coaching staff and your quarterback (not Matt Hasselbeck) is never the right thing to do when your head coach said you were a great team player and would fit right into the great locker room.

Well that hasn't exactly played out as well as the Seahawks front office and coaching staff thought it would.

It seems like ever since his vocal lashing at Madden 2010 for his player ratings being so low and having a few "lies and false stats". TJ Who's-yo-mama has not been the same.

Here is one of many comments from TJ on the Madden ratings.

So, the question at hand: Is TJ Houshmandzadeh's comments and recent actions passion for the game and wanting to make the team better by having him perform or is it the beginning of a cancer problem in the locker room.

However TJ has so far preformed well in his first five games as a Seattle Seahawk.

27 receptions, 327 yards, two touchdowns and four 20+ yard receptions. According to projections TJ is in line for 86 receptions, 1,040 yards and six touchdown receptions.

However, he just got his prime time quarterback Matt Hasselbeck back after missing three straight games. When Matt is playing the Seahawks have won 69-0 this season.

It will be interesting to see his next set of comments or if the current ones will pay off.

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