The Florida Gators: Red Flags Everywhere...

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The Florida Gators:  Red Flags Everywhere...
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Maybe I am the only one, but did anyone else watch the Florida Gators "play" the Arkansas Razorbacks?  Am I the only one who seen play after play and just think...."What the hell is going on?!"

Arkansas kicked the shit out of Florida.  I sat watching Tim Tebow's precious team getting beat on nearly every play.  I seen several bull-shit calls all go Florida's way.  I seen several bull-shit spots that all went for Florida too.

I recall seeing ten blatant holding calls in the second half alone that weren't called.  Eight of them were on Florida.

I seen at least two horrible spots.  Including one play to Riley Cooper that was spotted a yard in front of where he was stopped, and a Tim Tebow "first-down" run that was spotted two yards ahead of where he hit the ground.

I am normally a unbiased person (Unless it's against my Wolverines... heh-heh-heh) but the entire game it just seemed like the officials were.... trying to help Florida.

What about the pass-interference that wasn't called against Riley Cooper in the end-zone?  What about the pass interference that wasn't called against Joe Hadden in the end-zone?

Even the announcers noticed the terrible calls.  Chuck James called both pass-interferences bad calls live on television, using words like "obvious" and "bad" specifically.  They didn't review a dropped ball in the fourth-quarter by Riley Cooper that was ruled a catch, but they reviewed a fumble recovery for a touchdown for roughly two minutes.

Either way you called that play, it had the same result.  Why review it?  Because the SEC referees want Florida to win.

It doesn't make sense to me.

Even if it was clean.... even if they were just honest mistakes, then this means that Florida has barely escaped it's only three games with any competition.  It means they can barely beat Tennessee.  It means they barely beat a terrible LSU offense.  It means that Florida should have lost to Arkansas.

You know what else it means?

Tim Tebow isn't the legend that the media would have you believe.

But that's only if they were honest mistakes.

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