When Will He Have The Chance?

Shawn DieboldContributor IOctober 17, 2009

Is anyone else asking this question? I sure am.

Remember back when Javon was our go to guy? Last season against the Jets he really began to shine but last season was cut short because of injury. 

Before we go back to last season and after lets take a look  at now. Our offense sucks, plain and simple may it be the play calling, Jamarcus, our inexperienced receivers, our o-line or Chaz being out with injury. its hard to point out one glaring spot on offense. 

Our starting receivers I believe are Louis Murphy(Great Steal), Darrius Heyward-Bey(Needs Time), and Todd Watkins. Not very experienced to say the least with 2 years combined experience.

So where is Javon? Towards the end of last season he was nowhere to be seen. Once the off season arrived and players began to be cut most were sure that Javon would be cut but Al gave him another chance. So, where is it?

Maybe they are worried about his knee? No way his knee is perfect according to him dozens of times. He ran clean routes and looked explosive in his separate workouts and he was sure he'd be able to make an impact.

Lets try to find the solution shall we? Hmm lets think... Oh yeah Darrius thats it. I really believe he isn't playing because of Darrius being picked so high and Tom cannot really do anything about it because its what Al wants and what Al wants he gets.

I'm not trying to bash anyone here especially Darrius its just we should try benching Darrius, have him learn from the more experienced receivers and then in a year or two can make an immense impact.

For now it seems Javon will have to wait for his chance and the only worry there is to it is how long will it take and will it ever happen?

Peace and Love Raider Nation