Barack Hussein Obama & George Soros To NFL: No Limbaugh!!

Doug UrschelCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2009

The thought that Roger Goodell woke up one day and decided to prevent Rush Limbaugh from investing in a NFL team is just plain nonsense.

Look at the clear and concise facts.  Mr. Goodell knew of Mr. Limbaugh's bid to buy the Saint Louis Rams, but said nothing.  No one in the NFL said anything either.  Then, suddenly, BAM, lightening struck as if from a "holy hand."

In a previous article (Roger Goodell:  The Difference Between Opinions, Racists and Criminals) I wrote that "cowardice, a lack of  stewardship, or personal prejudice entered into his decision to block the right of private ownership to an American."

Isn't it odd, that Roger Goodell, a person with the background of working in America, would prevent another person from the same opportunities he had?  It's not odd at all.  When the facts are known and the dots are connected, as easy as these are, it's not odd at all.   

Now for the rest of the story.

George Soros is one of the most influential people in the world.  His billions of dollars allow him to get into many nations and then into their economies.  Money, access and ownership give Soros his bottom line desire to influence politicians and the politics of nations.

How do I know this?  How about from the writings of George Soros.  He wrote a book  titled "The Bubble of American Supremacy:  Correcting the Mis-Use of American Power." 

Mr. Soros has written about ten books, all having to do with the United States being a very bad nation.  He wants to place people in power who agree with him. 

No one donates more money to the Democratic Party than George Soros.  He gets around laws which place a limit on donations by having all of his holdings donate separately.

Hillary Clinton met Soros in the former Soviet Union.  Soros decided to place Barack Obama in the Oval Office and the race began.  Clinton, though Soros liked her, didn't have a chance against his large amount of money, influence and holdings.

Guess who the one American citizen was that fought against Soros getting his tentacles into into another nation's executive office?  If you said Rush Limbaugh, you would be correct.

Mr. Limbaugh and the Soros-controlled Media Matters  have been battling since.  Fox News and any other news organization that speaks out against Soros also gets slammed by Media Matters.  Rush Limbaugh's primary enemy is George Soros.

The Soros' machine needed a lawyer in Washington DC who would not only back Obama, but do the will of Soros.  He selected DeMaurice Smith. 

Mr. Smith worked for the current U.S.Attorney General (Eric Holder) in the U.S. Attorney's Office during the Clinton presidency. 

The Federal Elections Commissions recorded that Smith gave the Obama presidential campaign $3,300.

Smith is also down for giving donations to:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The Democratic Party of Virginia.

The re-election campaign of the District of Columbia's Democratic U.S. House non- voting delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Indiana's Democratic Senator Evan Bayh.

Note:  He also contributed to the presidential campaign of John Kerry.

In 2007  Mr. Smith was a lobbyist for Patton Boggs and Blow.  They were very proud of their lobbyist Smith, when he was named one of the "Top Fifteen Black White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys" by Corporate Crime Reporter.

Let me get this straight, was that the "Black" White-Collar Crime...?  Isn't that a bit racist?

Now Mr. DeMaurice Smith is the Executive Director of the NFL Players Union.  WOW!!

Mr. fairness, no agendas, moderate, DeMaurice Smith sent this e-mail to the Players Union Executive Committee:

"I've spoken to the Commissioner (Roger Goodell) and I understand that this ownership consideration is in the early stages.  But sport in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends.  Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

Well...OK!  I guess that let everyone know their place on the pecking order.

George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama and DeMaurice Smith despise Rush Limbaugh to their inner selves.  Mr. Limbaugh is everything that the three of them aren't.

George Soros is now in the NFL.  You may not agree, but just his dislike of Limbaugh caused Smith to threatened a strike with the owners.  There was no vote taken.  There was no meeting of the players, never mind a vote.

Just an e-mail by DeRaOSoros.