CC Sabathia: The CC Stands For Control and Command

Joseph JoveContributor IOctober 17, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - SEPTEMBER 21:  Pitcher C.C. Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees follows the baseball game from the dugout against Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on September 21, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

CC Sabathia is an imposing figure up on the hill. 6 foot seven inches and almost 300 pounds of unstoppable force, coming straight at you. I would pay to see this man whack Youkilis where the sun don't shine, just to see what reaction Yukky Boy would have.

In other words I would pay hard earned greenbacks to see if Yukky Boy would charge the mound on this mountain of a man. Or would he give him (if he was smart, which he isn't) a free pass.

Yukky Boy, who is one fry short of a happy meal, Has several times worn his cleats on the wrong foot. One time he wore his cup on the wrong side, yes, his backside.

I wonder why he would do that? Maybe he had his reasons, I mean I've heard about the camaraderie in that club house.

CC was, and is, worth every single red cent that the Yankees paid for him. He is handling New York Like no other free agent since Reggie Jackson. He seems to have been born to pitch in the capital of the world.

A perfect fit for New York. What other city is large enough to accommodate CC anyway? Surely not Boston, not Chicago, not even the great state of Texas would be large enough to claim CC Sabathia.

Only in the city that never sleeps can a pitcher of this magnitude call home. When he is on top of that hill in the New Yankee Stadium, he is actually on top of the heap. Like James Cagney said to his mother " Look at me ma...I'm on top of the world" bang!

New York has not seen a power lefty like this since Louisiana Lightning. Except Guidry did not have his velocity or his endurance. What the captain Ron Guidry did have was a truckload of pinpoint accuracy.

Only one other pitcher intimidated opposing batters the way CC does. You know who that was, right? Come on, you know who it was.

That's right, "The Goose" Mr. Rich Gossage. He was really something to watch back in the mid to late seventies. I was a little boy back then in the swinging 70's, I was always dumbfounded when some batter hit the Goose with authority.

One time a sports caster by the name of Howard Cosell (I think you might have heard of him) Said " Here comes the Yankees stopper with his 96 mile per hour fastball" Gossage later responded "Are you kidding me, I wake up throwing 97 miles per hour."

Another intimidating force on our beloved mound was Randy Johnson. The shame is By the time he reached New York, his arm needed aroma therapy.

The only thing by that time he had going for him, was that he was uglier than a baboons ass, after geting run overed by a M1A1 Tank.

One time a poor bird decided to give a fly over by the mound, when the unfortunate thing looked towards Randy, he dropped dead in mid-flight. Later an autopsy revealed that it was scared to death by the strange look of it's beak.

I truly believe that the Yankees are in the Genesis of a fresh dynasty. A culmination of veterans, seasoned with a perfect blend of youth. The perfect recipe for a dynasty.

Believe me, New Yorkers know what a dynasty looks like in it's primordial stage. We have had one in every single generation since the early 20Th century. Sometimes several during the same generation.

CC Sabathia will be one of the essential ingredients, if we are destined to have one again. Our Captain will lead the way in his second dynasty before he retires, on his way to being enshrined in Cooperstown.

The scary thing for the rest of baseball (which by the way, I don't hear laughing anymore) is that the Bronx Bombers are only going to get better next year. There is another bunch of cash coming off the books, again.

My advise for all you players of the stock market, is to put your cash in Kleenex stock. There will be a lot of tears flowing throughout the rest of baseball.

My name is Joseph Jove, and I won't be needing any tissue any time soon.