Jumping to Conclusions: One of Wrestling Fans' Greatest Problems

Juan Correspondent IOctober 17, 2009

It seems that whenever an idea is presented to us, we know exactly what's going to happen in the end. It seems we know exactly how those involved with that idea will be affected.

It seems that we jump to conclusions too quickly.

We lack the patience to wait and see what happens. We lack the ability to realize that we may be wrong, that we can never be a 100 percent sure of anything.

Once something is given to us that doesn't look too good on paper, we instantly decide it really won't be good on TV.

But, I ask you all: How do we know?

How do we know it won't be good? That we won't be entertained in any way?

How do we know what the future will hold for a superstar?

Let's look at the recent DX/Legacy feud. When DX came back, there were many who criticized the return.

"It's been done over and over again." "It's getting old." "Legacy will be buried."

It has been done again and again, but it hasn't been boring. Each time along with the old, there was something new. This time they helped put over two young talents who many didn't think were that great.

DX defeated Legacy at Summerslam. People said that Legacy was buried and lost their momentum. But in fact, Legacy had a bigger victory at Breaking Point over DX. It ended at Hell In A Cell with DX defeating them again.

Now everything that happened during this feud was the opposite of what people first thought. This was the hottest thing that was going on.

Legacy actually impressed the hell out of me. They were finally noticed by the fans as a credible tag team.

Another example would be John Cena and Randy Orton. When it was announced that they would do battle once again in Hell In A Cell, fans were upset. They've seen them go at it again and again.

They expected the match to be boring. But it turned out to be great. Maybe not a match of the year candidate. But it was one of their best encounters yet.

Now there will yet be another Iron Man match at the next PPV, Bragging Rights.  I'm sure we'll be in for a treat.

When the WWE, or TNA or any other wrestling promotion does something questionable, we initially think that it will end in a bad way. So this wrestler lost this match and didn't become champion. He lost his complete momentum.

Does that necessarily mean he won't be champion in the future? That he won't have a successful career?

"He's the guest host? Now I know I won't watch Raw." But why?

Why can't we wait and see what happens? Why can't we hope for the best? Why can't we be optimistic?

Lots of you are angry with the Team Smackdown Vs. Team Raw concept for Bragging Rights. It seems Team Raw realistically cannot survive as a tag team because of the rivalries between the wrestlers. But maybe there will be betrayals and traitors.

Let's just see where it goes.

Miracles do happen.

Just wait, be patient, and don't be too sure.