TNA News: IWGP Tag Belt Concern, Lacey's Attitude, Rumored Roster Moves

Bill LCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2009

26 Oct 2001:  Jeff Jarrett feels the pain during the cage fight bout during the WWA Wrestling 'Inception'  fight night held at the Sydney Superdome, Sydney, Australia.  DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Chris McGrath/ALLSPORT

I am not intending to make a habit of this, but I thought it might be worthwhile to throw some of the bigger TNA headlines I’ve come across tonight together into one article.

Kevin Nash is staying put for now.

Big Sexy appears as if he will be hanging around the TNA landscape a little bit longer.  Kevin Nash will be under contract to TNA for one more year, eliminating a return to the WWE or possibly retirement, at least for now.

Rumors were starting to circulate that when Booker T and Scott Steiner left the company, Kevin Nash would go as well.  As of now, it appears that is not the case.

TNA management feels that Nash still has value to the company, particularly when it comes to the promotion of live events.

This is not the signing of a new deal, as is noted by the report on  Sources close to Nash say this is simply a rollover clause in his current deal that the company elected to execute.

While Nash may be a valuable marketing asset because of name recognition, he seems to not have “it” in the ring anymore. 

Perhaps the plan is to fade him out into more of an agent or manager type role, with occasional spot work in the ring.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see how TNA utilizes him in the future.

The BFG "final curtain call" may not be for Sting...

Scott Steiner’s tenure with TNA appears to be coming to an end for certain.  Steiner, a long time friend of Jeff Jarrett, is being heavily rumored to leave the company following the Bound for Glory pay-per-view event. 

This has been speculated and written about before here at B/R, but it appears the rumors are gaining momentum and looking more like reality.

TNA has made many moves regarding personnel that were affiliated with Jeff Jarrett once he was taken out of an active on-screen role. 

It is said, by the reports I had read on the matter, that Steiner’s relationship with Jarrett has put him “on the bubble” and that TNA President Dixie Carter is not a “big fan” of Steiner in general.

Something I did not note in the previous reports I had read, including here at B/R, was the rumor that Steiner had given notice already that he was going to leave. 

This apparently was not the case, and it appears that TNA management may have made the final call on his time there.

Booker T appears to also be finished as of the Bound For Glory event, as has been previously covered here at B/R.  Whether he pursues a return to WWE or other ventures will remain to be seen.

This opens up some of the great opportunities I discussed in my “What If” article about these two men, which I won’t rehash.  I strongly suspect, as predicted, that the tag titles will be dropped on Sunday night also.  Maybe now we can see more of the MCMG?

Rob Van Dam will make an appearance...just to say hi.

Rob Van Dam has made a comment regarding his future, but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with TNA at the moment.  On the “Between the Ropes” radio show, RVD confirmed his attendance at Bound For Glory, since it is happening in his hometown.

He went on to say “I certainly don’t have any plans on bringing my wrestling boots.”  He did make specific mention of him and his wife being sure to visit with Booker T and Sharmell while at the event.

In the same interview, he also discussed his overseas work and a five-week tour he is scheduled to work.  He also made an announcement regarding RVD-TV that allegedly won’t require the use of a credit card. 

It sounds as if RVD has other interests in full swing and at least in the immediate future will not be joining TNA’s roster.

Is the arrival of Mr. Anderson on the TNA roster imminent?

In a related “WWE Alumni” move within the TNA roster, it appears that Ken Anderson may be closer to a deal.   He is contractually free to sign anywhere now since his no-compete clause has expired.

Jason Powell at Pro Wrestling Torch has a strong inkling that we might see Mr. Anderson at Bound For Glory on Sunday night in a surprise debut.  Rumors also go on to say that Mr. Anderson won’t actually start participating on the full roster until after the beginning of 2010. 

I’ll take this as a “wait and see” rumor, as Ken recently won the NWE World Heavyweight Title wrestling in Europe.  While slightly off topic, it's worth noting that he won the title in a triple threat match against Chuck Palumbo and "Tiny Iron" on October 2 in Malta, and successfully defended it against Chuck Palumbo the following night.

The Not-So Beautiful Attitude

The Beautiful People’s Lacey Von Erich has already been injured, straining a leg muscle at a practice session.

But what’s even more interesting is how she’s already injured her reputation.  As noted before in a few places, she has already rubbed many of her peers the wrong way.

Several reports indicate that she has the name “Rhaka Blonde” backstage and been dubbed “another Kerry Von Erich,” meaning she has no common sense. 

In those reports, it was said that she has no positive qualities for the industry but her physical appearance as she fits in well with The Beautiful People.

Another report it was noted that she is “harmless” and her antics make for good fodder within the company.

This is proof positive that a name alone cannot make you a star.  Lacey has a long way to go if she intends to uphold a fraction of the Von Erich family name, both in the areas of in-ring ability and now apparently attitude as well.

NJPW is not happy with the IWGP Tag Champs?

One final note is in regard to the other tag-team titles held within TNA, that being the IWGP belts held currently by The British Invasion. 

According to a report found on Wrestling News World, the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization is dissatisfied with the way TNA has handled the IWGP tag titles.

If you recall in July, The British Invasion won the titles away from Team 3D.  Apparently, no one at TNA informed NJPW that this was going to happen, and in turn NJPW did not accept the title change at first. After about a month’s time, NJPW did accept it.

NJPW agreed to have their titles be involved with TNA for popularity.  Putting the NJPW belts on Team 3D brings added attention to them, because they are over in Japan as well as the rest of the world. 

The British Invasion is not over in Japan, and the rumor is that NJPW does not want TBI to hold the belts.

Because many Japanese fans still think Team 3D holds the IWGP tag titles, this could play into the booking of Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay per view tag team match. 

Perhaps both tag belts will change hands now instead of just one set.  I am thinking that Team 3D will get the IWGP belts back in order to satisfy NJPW’s request.

Thanks for reading along at my first news attempt.  Comments and feedback are welcome.


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