WWE Manual 2.0: Greg Bush's Idea of How To Run Raw

GregCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  (L-R) Wrestler Triple H, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon, and wrestlers John Cena and Shawn Michaels pose in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

WWE Manual 2.0: Greg Bush’s Idea of How To Run Raw Episode 2

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome back to the Manual. Last night at Hell in a Cell we saw Kofi Kingston retain against Jack Swagger, only to be attacked and tortured by some masked man. Who is he?

And what about Randy Orton? He couldn't even walk after the match. Is he in good enough condition to take back what's his?

(By the way, we're finally getting a permanent GM, because the celebrity crap is annoying.)

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(Fireworks go off)

King: Hello kiddies! Welcome to the greatest wrestling show of all time, RAW!

Cole: And there's a reason why we're so great King. Last night John Cena faced off against Randy Orton in an extreme Hell in a Cell match. After almost an hour of brawling, Legacy and D-X got involved and John Cena hit a cutter on Randy Orton through the top of the cage through two tables to retain the title!

King: Not only was it an amazing reversal to the RKO, but it was a devastating move that caused Randy Orton to be taken out by a stretcher.

Cole: Later tonight we'll hear from the former WWE champion on his condition, but right now let's go to the ring.

Lillian Garcia introduces New PERMANENT GM

LG: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your new General Manager of Raw... Shane Douglas!!

Shane Douglas walks down the stage in a suit and takes the mic from Lillian.

The Franchise: Hello everyone, first of all I want to thank Lillian for the introduction. But one thing Lil, can you make it... "The Franchise" Shane Douglas? Thanks honey.

(Lillian looks angry but smiles)

Franchise: So, I was talking to Mr. McMahon today, and he said that the younger crowd might not know me, who I am, what I've accomplished, etcetera etcetera. So instead of me explaining this, I'm going to show a video of me in a certain wrestling promotion a few years ago where I explain me...and a dear friend of mine. RIP Candido


The crowd starts to cheer for him.

Franchise: Now, I will make tough decisions around here. They may not all be liked, but it will be in the best interest of Raw. That being said...

Jack Swagger comes out to greet the new GM.

Swagger: So you’re the new GM? The Franchise? You don't look like much old man. And it sounds like you don't know how things go down around here. So here's what I need you to...


Swagger: I...I uh...I mean...

Franchise: I SAID SHUT UP! Listen to me you Kurt Angle wanna-be! Tonight, because you think you can boss ME around, I'm teaching you a lesson. And I’m getting a little help from him!!


The Big Show comes down the ramp staring Swagger down. Swagger tries to run, but the Franchise is in the way. Swagger tries to knock down Douglas, but he catches Swagger's arm and hits a reverse STO! He picks him up and hits the Franchiser! Then he signals for Big Show.

Swagger is caught by Big Show. Show hits the Showstopper! Then he picks Swagger back up and drops him with an incredible power bomb!! Afterwards he shakes Franchise’s hand like a deal has just been sealed.

Franchise: So let's have a great show everyone!

King: COLE! The Franchise!

Cole: And he's made a big impact already. Let's get started with the next match. It's The Miz facing off against Evan Bourne.

The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

The Miz comes down the ramp first holding his ribs. At HIAC he was Swagger Bombed enough to turn his back into Jell-O. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Miz: I am the Miz and I'm...

Evan Bourne comes through the crowd and hits Miz with a quick enziguri. Miz gets knocked into the ropes. Evan kicks Miz right in the ribs. Miz falls over in pain. He's obviously still injured. He tries to amount some kind of offense, but Evan counters a punch and instead throws his shoulder right into Miz's stomach. Evan starts to get some energy from the crowd. He runs off the ropes and tries to go for a dropkick, but Miz sidesteps and drops an elbow on Evan's neck!

Evan is holding his throat, gasping for air. Miz throws him into the corner and jumps through the ropes with a clothesline. Evan falls over. Miz screams "I'm Awesome" and puts Evan in a single leg boston crab. Evan tries to crawl to the ropes, but Miz sits on Evan's back. Evan throws his free leg up, but Miz catches it in the other arm to make the submission a boston crab. Evan is screaming, but raises his back and brings Miz's head down.

Miz lets go, holding the back of his head. Evan crawls towards the ropes, but Miz knocks him to the outside of the ring. Evan's head hits the guard rail. Evan staggers up to his feet and Miz dives through the ropes for a suicide dive, but Evan hits a jumping kick to the side of Miz's head. The crowd goes crazy. Evan goes inside the ring. He runs off the ropes, and does a shooting star press over the ropes! He lands on Miz's ribs who screams in pain.

Miz is holding his ribs in pain and gasping for any air he can get. Evan puts Miz in the ring. Evan gets on top the turnbuckle and tries for a second Shooting Star Press, but Miz rolls out the way. Evan lands on his feet, but Miz gets behind him and hits the Skull Crushing Finale! 1..2..3! Miz beats Evan!

Cole: What an incredible match! That Shooting Star Press over the ropes was amazing!

King: Yeah, but that didn't stop the Miz. He gets out the way of the second SSP and hits an amazing Skull Crushing Finale! To be able to come back after all that torture? That's the sign of a future champ Michael!


We come back to the Franchise sitting in his office on the phone.

Franchise: Yeah. Yeah man, it's a great job. Oh, you saw what we did to Swagger? Well, I mean come on. That guy deserved it. Haha, yeah. (Someone walks into the office) Hey I gotta go man, but call me later and we'll talk business. Maybe about business on Raw? Alright, later.

Kingston: Mista Douglas. It's an hona' to meet ya man.

Franchise: Ah, the U.S. champ. I've seen all of your matches kid. Impressive.

Kingston: Thanks Mr. Douglass. Anyways, I know you saw what happened to me after the match last night. I want to call the man out who tried to torture me. I want to call out dis masked guy.

Franchise: Uh...okay Kofi. It's your life. All I ask is that nothing gets too... out of control.

Kingston: No prablem man. Tha masked man will be making an S.O.S. tonight when he finds a little bit of his own Trouble in Paradise!

Kofi calls out his attacker

"S.O.S." Kofi comes out. Everyone seems to be screaming for the champ. Kofi goes down to the ring and asks for a mic.

Kofi: Hello Island Heads! Thanks for da support! And thanks for watching me take down another contender last night. Anyways, no beatin 'round da bush! Play the clip!

The clip shows the masked man giving Kofi a reverse inverted figure-4.

Kofi: Okay, that was pretty painful. All I wanna know is... WHO IS DAT MAN! Come out here mystery man!

"I Can't Win" by Default plays and the masked man comes to the ring. He stares at Kofi with his head cocked to the side.

Kofi: Who da hell are you?

???: I am your title reign's death warrant. I'm here to claim what is mine. I...

Kofi takes off the mask and it's...Charlie Haas?

Haas: Yeah Kofi, Charlie Haas! It seems nobody here can take from you what you don't even deserve. So I'm taking it.

Haas hits Kofi in the gut with a strong kick. He hits Kofi with a perfectplex. Kofi is in some pain. He's trying to get up, but Haas pulls him to the middle of the ring and puts him in the Haas of Pain! Kofi's taping! Kofi's taping!

King: Someone stop this! Anyone?

Cole: Come on, this is ridiculous!

Franchise's music hits and Haas lets go.

Franchise: Haas, you think you deserve a shot at the title right? (While he's talking he walks to the ring) That's fine. You just made the U.S. champ tap in the ring. So... I'll give you your shot. Next week, you vs. Kofi Kingston for the U.S. Title.

Haas smiles, spits in Kofi's face, and walks off.

Kofi gets up and stumbles out the ring with Shane Douglas.

Beth Phoenix vs. Gail Kim #1 Contendership: Mickie James special referee.

Beth comes down to the ring first. She gets in and does the title taunt. Next comes Gail Kim, who waits for Mickie. She comes down the ramp with Gail. They both get in at the same time.

Cole: Well that's not one sided.

Mickie starts the match. Beth goes for a clothesline, but Gail ducks. Beth jumps off the ropes with a forearm, but Gail rolls out the way. Beth goes for a Thesz Press, but Gail ducks and Beth hits the top turnbuckle. She turns around and Gail throws her with an arm drag, followed by another, and another, and finally it ends with a single under hook DDT. 1..2..No. Beth kicks out.

Gail picks up Beth and throws her into the ropes. She tries to jump and catch her with a hurricanrana, but she's caught herself and Beth hits a power bomb on the diva. Beth puts her in a double under hook piledriver clutch and picks her up for a tiger bomb. She hits it! 1..2..Gail grabs the ropes. Beth gets on the top ropes and jumps off with an elbow drop, but Gail rolls out the way.

Beth gets up and Gail tries to hit the Happy ending, but Beth reverses into her chicken wing face buster. Gail is out cold. 1..2................................3. Mickie had a hard time putting the hand down that last time, but there was no way Gail was kicking out. Beth looks at Mickie, turns around, then goes back and clothesline's her.

King: Wow, Beth showing dominance tonight. What a match. Coming up next, Randy Orton makes his announcement and D-X discuss their plans to bring back the Attitude Era.


Randy Orton's Announcement

Randy Orton walks down the ramp...well...I say walk. What I mean to say is he is carried out by Legacy, who themselves are limping down the ramp. The whole Legacy seems to be destroyed. Orton gets in the ring and takes the mic from Lillian.

Orton: Last night I almost had the WWE title back with me. John Cena tried to cheat me out of it, but my loyal followers came down to support me. And what do they get for supporting me? D-X throws them off the cage through the announce tables!

Let's face it, I deserve to be the WWE champion. I am the only one deserving. I...

John Cena and D-X come out to D-X's music.

Cena: Randy, yet again you try to come up with excuses of why you lost and I was the one who beat your ass! I mean, not only did I take RKO's, punts...(HHH whispers into Cena's ear) and your Legacy bitches, but I retaliated by dropping you...AND ME... through the cage ceiling and tables. Orton, let's face it. Your time as #1 contender is...

Orton: Is temporarily derailed! I can't take the title right now in my current condition. But I know who can in my absence! We, Legacy, have good friends around here Cena. And we have one in particular who has beaten you before. In fact, you faced him last week.

Cena: You can't possibly mean...

Swagger comes down and stares right at Cena.

Swagger: Cena, last week I beat you 1..2..3! I hit you with my amazing Swagger Bomb and you couldn't do a damn thing to prevent me from winning. You can't do a damn thing to prevent me from becoming the WWE Champion either...

???: But I can!

The Franchise appears on the screen.

Franchise: Jack Swagger, you are arrogant, a cheat, and above all, just a complete prick. (Fans cheer) Swagger, I hate what you are... but I cannot deny the fact that you are deserving of a championship.

(Legacy is smiling and Swagger is screaming at Cena)

Franchise: So here's my idea Swagger. Next week, You'll be in 6-man tag action with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. You three will face Degeneration X and John Cena. If you win, you will face Cena for the WWE title. If you lose, you will be my personal slave here in my office. (The whole time Shane Douglas is talking, D-X and Cena have backed up to the stage)

DX: And if you're not down with that, we've got..... four words for you!

A pipe falls down near Swagger and Legacy. Protective glass rises behind them. They look around, and Raw Sewage covers the four men.

D-X: You smell like (Holds up the mic) S***!!!

Franchise: Swagger, you just got disfranchised!

This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production.


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