TNA's Bound For Glory News and "Accidental" Spoilers

mike fentonContributor IOctober 16, 2009

With One of TNA's biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year, known as Bound For Glory, coming up this Sunday, news of who's performing, in and out of the ring, ends up not being the biggest story.

First, TNA has announced that Zakk Wylde, guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society, will be performing the national anthem at the event. As a fan, I am thrilled to hear what one of the top 10 guitarists of this generation can do and hope it doesn't turn into a Roseanne situation.

Second, Rob Van Dam has confirmed on Between The Ropes radio that he will be backstage at BFG. RVD lives in the area and is good friends with Booker T as well as their wives being friends as well. This could very well be the answer of where RVD will go if/when he decides to re-enter the business. Rob Van Dam, X-Division and TNA Heavyweight Champion sounds pretty awesome to me.

Third, while TNA has been promoting BFG as "Sting's final curtain call", it is heavily rumored that Sunday will be the last time "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner will be in TNA's six-sided ring. Being one of Jeff Jarrett's close friends and never being a big hit with TNA President Dixie Carter, the "Genetic Freak" may be the only one not returning after BFG.

On a similar note, Steiner's tag partner, Booker T is close to being done as well. Booker has not been happy with his current role, refused to put over Matt Morgan a few weeks ago, and walked out during a 6-man main event in Europe after Scott Steiner tore up the Swiss flag and fans pelted the ring with bottles and cups. It is said TNA has no plans of resigning Booker T when his contract comes up.

Fourth, rumors are circulating that BFG may in fact not be Sting's final TNA performance. As of now, there are no certainties and no reports of a new contract but, rumors say Sting is sticking around for another six months.

(spoiler alert)

Fifth, For those of you who have a television provider that uses InDemand for their Pay-Per-View services, you may have already seen advertisements TNA's next PPV Turning Point. That however, is not the major problem TNA has with InDemand since TNA themselves have been promoting Bound for Glory since before No Surrender.

The commercial starts out with a vignette of the current TNA champion AJ Styles and then a voice-over announces AJ's win over Sting at Bound for Glory and is now looking forward to his next opponent at Turning point.

A TNA employee says that TNA is attempting to "contain the problem" but the damage has already been done. TNA may still change the outcome of the main event but according to the employee, TNA has no plans to change the main event's winner as of Thursday morning.