Raider Fans Are Sick Of It..and Were Not Gonna Take It Anymore

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 16, 2009

 Too many years, too many excuses. When the King stops representing the masses, it's time to revolt. Was'nt it Thomas Jefferson who said there should be a revolution every hundred years? The Bleeding must stop or the organ dies.

 We all know we deserve much better than this. We are prideful, proud fans who cannot stand to go through this... No more excuses. Al runs this team, it's his vision and philosophy. He allows ineptitude to languish here. Mediocrity to permeate the personnel. His scouting style to stymie a winning foundation. He is the reason their is no coach of caliber ever coming here. He wants to dazzle the league with his ideas that are predictable and ill-advised. He is the cancer in your addicting cigarette. He is your addiction to crack that pulls you back to the pipe you know will destroy your life. He is the mob boss that runs your neighborhood down for his own profit.

 From mystery draft picks, to overpaid free agents. Forcing players to play a style that he is forcing down your throat so he can one more time show the league he has it.

 WAKE UP NATION and tolerate this NO MORE. Take back your franchise. Like all revolutions, blood must be shed, and it will get messy.

 Support your team by letting it be know. If you go to the games, bring signs. If your in the stadium tailgating, start a recall campaign..start chanting. YOU come up with a way to vocally demonstrate your displeasure. Should we wear Bags over our heads ala the 'aints of old? What do You suggest will work? Im up for anything that will bring change. I have stopped going to games because I get so damn pissed off thinking I have shelled out not only my hard earned money.. I have wasted my time believing a miracle will appear out of this team through determination and pride. I've made excuses and hung in there. I've said " next year" for too many years and im now approaching my mid 50's.

 The vision Al has is over and dead.

 I want my team back. The King must go. Lets rob his wallet and disrupt his sleep. I cant follow blindly anymore. The blinders are off. I've studied the disease and found the cause. In order to survive, it's gotta come out.