Joe Gibbs Racing: Stewart and Busch and Hamlin is three company?

Chad ClaarContributor IJune 4, 2008

Seems as though Tony Stewart spend some time stepping on black cats under ladders while tossing hand mirrors lately. I mean his season started off well enough now he comes across bad luck week after week. This season has been just plain odd for Joe Gibbs Racing. Just think about it, Tony Stewart is the least controversial member of the racing team. Granted Kyle Busch is winning, but at what cost? He certainly doesn't seem to be making many friends along the way.   Hamlin's had his small share too, nothing earth shaking but a few weeks back it nearly lead to a fist fight in his pit following a Nationwide Series race. Tony, for once is the quiet one. Other than his rant about Goodyear and his recent impromptu press conference about shopping for other offers in 2009, he's actually been racing pretty clean and isn't badmouthing the competition. One other thing I've noticed is he places the blame on himself after a wreck instead of flying off the handle and promising the other guy a bad finish the next week. Perhaps he figures there's enough of that going on with his other teammates? Only time will tell I suppose. Coming up is Pocono, a race where Tony has at least 5 top tens. Maybe, just maybe this will be the week his luck changes. Unlike a few weeks back where he was leading with three to go and blows a right front, or last week where he basically T-Boned Sadler as the damaged number 19 slid back down the race track. Followed not long by Hamlin who came screaming into the pile pretty much making his day go downhill as well. Kyle Busch per usual this year drove off to get the win. Many people saw the switch to Toyota being the kiss of death for Gibbs, some the addition of Kyle Busch to his racing team. I honestly don't think it's the cars, They've proved Toyota did their homework with Joe Gibbs to make some pretty fast hardcore machines. Kyle Busch has a big mouth and lacks maturity yes, but the boy can win races. I have serious doubt about chemistry but it seems at least for now the three can play nice enough together to co exist. I can't tell you what things will look like entering 2009, and I can't tell you all three Gibbs cars will make the chase. I can however tell you that so far Tony has to get it together and string together some victories, Kyle Busch has to learn how to be more tolerant and less mouthy and Hamlin just has to stop bashing the Nationwide Series drivers.