Mark Ingram Is The Heisman Trophy Front Runner!

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - NOVEMBER 15:  Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide carries the ball during the game against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 15, 2008 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

For those of you who may not know anything about Alabama Football, let me enlighten you to the significance of this statement about Mark Ingram being the Heisman Front Runner.

Alabama has been playing football for 112 years.  It has 12 National titles and seven consensus National Championships.  Alabama is seventh-most in all-time victories and has the sixth best winning percentage at 71%.  The Crimson Tide has 25 conference titles and 21 SEC Titles.  Alabama has been to 56 bowls and won 31 of them, tying in three.  The Crimson Tide has been in the Final AP poll 46 times, fifth most in history. This storied program has had 92 consensus All Americans, and 38 consensus first team All Americans. Alabama has 21 College Football Hall of Famers.

Alabama is where Johnny Musso, Frank Thomas, Ozzie Newsome, Ken Stabler, Joe Namath, Bobby Humphrey, John Copeland, Shaun Alexander, Derrick Thomas, and many other great players played.  The University of Alabama lacks for nothing in accomplishments or lore. 

However the University Of Alabama has never had a Heisman Trophy winner!

The closest anyone form the Crimson Tide has come was when David Palmer finished third in voting in 1993.  Alabama does not truly care about individual awards and would much rather have national titles than 100 Heismans, but it still would be nice to get both in the same year.

This year Alabama and Mark Ingram have a chance to achieve both the Heisman and the National Title.

Mark Ingram is the most complete back in college football.  His ability to block, see the hole, cut up field, break tackles, and run routes is an unmatched package on this level of football.  To find a back as complete as Mark Ingram is right now, people would have to look to the NFL, really he is just that good.

Mark leads the Crimson Tide in rushing yards with 659, and is 9th in the country.  He has seven rushing TD's 12th-most in the nation and is averaging 5.9 yards per carry.  He's amassed three 100-yard games, and has split time with three different backs.  Trent Richardson has over 300 yards and four rushing touchdowns.  Combined the other backs on the team have 690 yards rushing and nine touchdowns all of which could have gone to Ingram.

His rushing accomplishments aside, he is an outstanding receiver tied for the most receptions on the team at 17.  He has 163 yards receiving, three receiving TDs, and averages 9.6 yards per catch. 

He is the Wildcat QB, but has yet to throw the ball, but technically was the Starting QB for Alabama's first game this year.  His biggest rushing days have come against teams in the Big Six conferences, averaging over 130 yards rushing and two TDs per game against Big Six schools.

This young man is a winner, and since he has been in the backfield Alabama has only lost two games.  Now he is not the only reason for that, but he is a major contributing factor.  Perhaps his most interesting stat is the same as the University’s ZERO!

Alabama has ZERO Heisman winners, and Mark Ingram has ZERO fumbles lost.  On over 240 carries Mark has yet to lose a football and has only put it on the ground once.  That is as impressive a stat as you will find anywhere in football.

If this award is truly for the most Outstanding Player in college football then you can call Mark “Mr. Heisman”.