Fantasy Forecast: Top 100 NBA Draft Board

Ari WagnerContributor IOctober 16, 2009

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Fantasy Forecast: Top 100 NBA Draft Board

By Ari Wagner

Fantasy Basketball drafts are going on right now and the season is in the near future. The pre-season has started and is a good showcase for fantasy players, a tease of what will come.

The keys to a quality draft are taking players on time. Never too early, but if you are too late then you are out of luck.

This list will most definitely help you dictate through your fantasy draft and help you win some extra cash come next April, or just give you some deserved bragging rights among your friends.

Keep in mind, I play a head-to-head style league with nine categories including; Field goal, and free throw percentages, three pointers made, points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and turnovers.

The reason I bring this up is because the list I have compiled for my draft board, that I will share with you, is completely influenced by those categories.

My formula is a balance between last year’s statistics and if the player is a starter or not, and also if they are going to be a free agent in the next season.

Players tend to play much harder and produce better overall stats when they are up for a contract in the following summer.

With everything accounted for and a perfect chemistry of NBA player knowledge combined with how they perform in the special fantasy categories, I have put together a list of 100 players for you to feast on this draft season.

At the end of the list I will explain some of my selections and why they rank where they do, however, I will not break down the obvious.



Starting from top to bottom I will know justify some of my selections, so you feel more comfortable with my advice.

Steve Nash, ahead of Brandon Roy and Deron Williams? I know what you're thinking, however, Nash is back to the run and gun offense that he loves and with Alvin Gentry as head coach and Shaq gone he will be a fantasy feast this year.

Elton Brand, pretty high on the list don’t ya' think, and how about Gilbert "Hibachi" Arenas? 

Elton Brand is looking healthier than ever, and has said he is feeling better than new. Also, he is demanding the ball down low on the offense, and we all know he can get the rebounds naturally. All signs point to positive for Brand.

Gilbert Arenas, already scoring huge numbers in the pre season and has said he wants to get to distributing the basketball more often his year, which is great for us fantasy owners.

I put Tim Duncan down at 36, this may seem low to some people, however, they have obtained a lot more offense and defense to go around. Frankly, I am down on all Spurs this year, and for Duncan, when they head to the end of the season and lock a playoff spot, Coach Pop tends to sit his super stars, and Duncan is his biggest star.

Keep a look out for my next installment of Fantasy Forecast, and good luck in your draft and in your leagues.