There Goes the Money: Analysing the Departure of Shane McMahon

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 16, 2009

As many of us have seen by now, according to, Shane McMahon has turned in his walking papers and will be gone from the WWE effective Jan. 1, 2010. This is a big blow to the management department in the WWE, as Shane is responsible for a lot.

While he was a part-time professional wrestler, he was also the executive vice president of WWE Global Media, which meant he oversaw television distribution, live event bookings, digital media, consumer products, and publishing.

In fact, he is one of the people solely responsible for getting RAW and SmackDown to be seen in numerous countries. Before Shane O'Mac stepped in, the WWE was not as global as it is now.

Since he basically started the digital media department in 1998, he along with his team made Then he and his father, Vince, made up the Global Media team, where he helped to get WWE programming in about 20 new countries, including a big one in Brazil in November of 2007.

On top of all of that, he also contributed to the WWE's programming as a talent and creative contributor.

And he was last seen on TV a few months ago during the the McMahon-Helmsley/Orton storyline. His leg was taken out, which could believably write him off TV. To everyone's surprise, he did quite well in his last stint as a wrestler.

He did start off slow, but picked it up quickly. We didn't see him wrestle before then for almost two years.

Many thought, because of that, he lost a step. He was never the most technically sound wrestler, of course, but he was never the worst professional wrestler who ever lived. That would go to the Great Khali. So, for him to come back and do well was not going to be easy for the fourth-generation star.

But, he did contribute quite well in the storyline.

In any case, he is now going to be leaving, like his mother Linda, to pursue outside projects. Many believe he is leaving because of his wife. See, his wife, Marissa Mazzola, has her own film company.

They met a while back—when they were kids, in fact. Marissa lived across the road from McMahon, and he continues to say that Marissa was the only girlfriend he ever had.

Once they were together, it seemed only natural to work together, I guess. Marissa got one of her first broadcasting jobs with the WWE as she co-hosted WWF Livewire with Johnathan Coachman and Michael Cole.

Then she worked in the WWE public relations department working under Dan Klores. But her passion was always in film. And she worked with a few big names, too, such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. She had a brief role in The Scorpion King and worked on the WWE Films project The Condemned .

But she felt that she could sort of separate herself from the WWE, not so much having nothing to do with them but doing her own thing. So she started Kamala Films. It is located in New York and is said to be getting bigger. I am sure they are partnering with the WWE in some way, especially because of her marriage to Shane.

Because Shane is married to her and has a ton of experience with this certain type of company, it seems only natural he'd be involved with it in some way. He is said to be involved now extremely and realizes he cannot do work in the WWE and there too, which is the main reason for the departure from the WWE. 

And, even though McMahon would be making a ton of money if he stayed with the WWE, he probably feels like his wife in that he can be a success outside of the WWE.

Like his father Vince, Shane is a good businessman. Vince trusts him so much that he gave him a massive department to work in with Global Media. We all know Vince; if he felt Shane didn't work for the spot, he would keep him far away from it.

He is not leaving to stick it to his father or anything like that; it's the fact that he knows Kamala Films will do well with he and his wife as well as the small group of people there already.

It will take time for them to have the success of World Wrestling Entertainment, but because they are in film, it will just take a few big hits to get the name out. Once that happens, they could be as big as Twentieth Century Fox and others in due time.

One thing people need to keep in mind is that a man by the name of Tyler Perry had one big hit which led to many more. Now, he has two shows on TV and movies coming out every year. Before that one hit, he was only doing stuff in theaters.

Now, his company is worth millions. Just goes to show you that it only takes one, and then we could see the money flow into Kamala Films.

There is a chance Kamala Films could partner with WWE Films in a few projects, which could help them out.

But I think the big success for them will be when they are making just enough money to do everything on their own without the WWE's help, then they will get that big hit or two I mentioned earlier, then start to gradually get bigger over time.

It is said that he will be replaced by WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco, but this is only rumored. I am sure we will hear more names to replace Shane O'Mac in the near future.

All I have to say is: Kamala Films, here comes the money!