Boise State Top 5? Top 10?

D. WalkerAnalyst IOctober 16, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  Kellen Moore #11 of Boise State throws a pass against the Oregon Ducks in first quarter of the game on September 3, 2009 at Broncos Stadium in Boise, Idaho. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

We hear the debate about Boise State football all over talk radio, ESPN, Fox Sports, at our favorite watering holes and even in the grocery store!  Are the Broncos a top 5 or even a top 10 team?  Frankly, I can't say they are right now.  Perhaps later this year?  I'm not sure yet - but perhaps.  Let's examine the issue(s) being discussed presently about BSU.

They don't play anyone.  Well, they did play and beat what looks to be a pretty good Oregon team - and they beat them when the Ducks had their once All-American running back candidate Blount.  (Note: 9 carries for minus total yardage - no wonder he wasn't real happy after the game.)  If fact, BSU embarrassed the Ducks.  What have the Ducks done since?  They've beaten every one else on their schedule including two top ranked teams (Utah and Cal) and are being trumped up to be a possible PAC 10 champion.  So you must give Boise State some credit on the Oregon win. However, I do agree with some of the critics that BSU needs to schedule more BCS schools.  They play Virgina Tech next year (In Washington D.C.) but one BCS opponent a year is not going to cut it in my opinion and I don't buy into the argument  from the die hard Bronco fans who say 'but nobody will play us because they are afraid they'll lose.'  Sorry, but that simply is not the case.

One thing you hear about the Bronco's right now is "but they should be blowing out everyone else on their schedule!."  Granted, you might think that they should have run up the score a bit in their games against Bowling Green and UC Davis but they didn't and in both games the Bronco's appeared to be a bit flat on both sides of the ball.  In the other two games, Fresno State is a much better team than their record shows.  They've played some real close, tough games against quality opponents.  Tulsa is also a good football team.  Should the Broncos have blown out Tulsa and Fresno State?  If I were the Broncos I would have been very pleased to come out of both of those games with just a "W" and forget the score.  Boise State has 'blown out' a few teams since Coach Pete took over the head coaching job but clearly has  not 'blown out' opponents like BSU did under Dan Hawkins.  Let's face it, Hawkins liked to 'step on the throat' of opponents during his tenure.  Personally, I think Coach Pedersen is more of a Don James type coach that knows it's important to come away with the "W" regardless of the score.  If you win by one point you win and at the end of the season it's the number of "W's" the team collects that dictates the success of the season.  Chris Pedersen is 43-4 at Boise State.  He clearly knows how to get those "W's."

Another major arguement is the fact that Boise State plays in the WAC.  That is indeed a problem.  Everyone in Boise is hoping that the Mountain West sees fit to invite the Broncos to join the MWC soon.  But will that help?  Last I checked the Mountain West was in the same boat (non-BCS) as the WAC.  So the 'conference issue' is not going away soon.  Yes, by joining the MWC the schedule strength would increase but the answer is still the fact that Boise State must schedule more BCS teams in the future.

If the Bronco's go undefeated this year will they get a BCS invite?  I think so.  I would be very surprised if they would be denied after an undefeated season and their present ranking (top 5).  It also helps that they beat a good Oklahoma team in the Fiesta Bowl the first time they recieved a BSC invite and they also sold their fair share of tickets to that game (remember, the money does matter).  Would they get a National Championship invite?  Not a chance.  Not this year.  Will Boise State ever have a chance to play for the National Championship?  If the Broncos go undefeated this year AND win their bowl game AND go through next year's schedule undefeated, then I would say yes.  How could they be denied in that case?

If Boise State were to play all of the other teams ranked in the top 10 three times (home and home and one neutral field) would they win 2 out of 3 games against each opponent?  Well, that's an interesting question - but to be fair - if you're going to ask that question regarding BSU you would have to ask the same regarding every other team in the top 10. So I'm not sure that argument holds any water either. 

Right now I believe Boise State is a legit top 20 team.  I'm not sure exactly where in the top 20 I would put them right now.  If they go undeafeated then I believe they would deserve a top ten ranking. 

Oh, did I mention that Boise State has a grand total of five seniors on their entire roster this year?  Yes, miracles can happen.