Roger Goodell: The Difference Between Opinions, Racists and Criminals

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Roger Goodell:  The Difference Between Opinions, Racists and Criminals
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Roger Goodell is acting like a pitcher about to throw us all a slow curve ball.

He's telling America that the growing amount of criminals in the NFL are better people than Rush Limbaugh.  He's saying that the the murderers, rapists, sadists, child abusers, wife-beaters, thieves,  players hiring people to kill their pregnant wives, players committing vehicular manslaughter, felony assaults, etc. are better people than Rush Limbaugh.

That's an easy pitch to hit out of the park and an easy lie to see. 

Roger Goodell is the Commissioner of the National Football League.  He recently led the charge to prevent a citizen of the United States from the basic right of ownership due to his own ignorance, cowardice, lack of stewardship, or personal prejudice. Take your pick, it's any or all of those reasons.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh was part of a group who had made a bid to purchase the Saint Louis Rams.  Roger Goodell waited a few days, stuck his finger into the air and then decided it was safer to go along with people who didn't want Mr. Limbaugh in the NFL than the vast majority of people who didn't say a word.

In other words, Mr. Goodell knelt before the few that claimed Mr. Limbaugh was a racist.  This group of vocal of people said that they didn't want Limbaugh to buy a NFL team because he had made racist comments on his radio show. 

To quote an advertisement of a hamburger company, "where's the beef?"  None and I mean none of these people can come up with a single quote of Limbaugh that would place him in the category of "racist."  All of his shows are taped, but no one could find a single racist comment.

Mr. Goodell, with all of your assistants and means at your disposal, can't you find just one?  If you did, you wouldn't look as if you are guilty of discrimination.  However, you can't and you are.

Rush Limbaugh has made it very clear that he doesn't think President Obama isn't doing his job well.  That places Limbaugh in the majority.  If making fun or criticizing  Obama is racist, you might as well take NBC's Saturday Night Live off the air, as well as Big Bird and a lot of shows.

A spokesman for the NAACP went on Fox News and told Bill O'Reilly of all the racial things Limbaugh had said.  "Not so," said O'Reilly.  O'Reilly had his research team check into all of the claims made by the various people and could not find a single one to be true.  Then he offered anyone with proof otherwise to either call or come on his show.  He's had no replies.

The fact is, Mr. Limbaugh has never made a racial comment on his show, until someone can prove it and no one has..

The most earth shattering statement Rush Limbaugh has been proven to have said about race is something he said about Donavon McNabb.  Limbaugh said that McNabb gets too much credit for the success of the Eagles.  He said he believed that the Eagle's success was due to the team and not to one person.  He went on to say that that the NFL had an investment, wanted to help, etc, a Black succeed at QB.

I heard him say it.  He must of said "his opinion, his belief," etc. at least five times.  I  watched Doug Williams play.  Many, in and out of the NFL, players and the media alike, said much of the same things of Williams.  

Limbaugh was a person giving called giving an opinion - not a person being a racist.

Those few vocal people in our country and the even fewer who listen to them, may not know this about Rush Limbaugh, but he is a more charitable person, to all of the races in America, than anyone in the United States Congress and White House.  

Rush Limbaugh's radio show supports three active charities.  They are:

THE MARINE CORPS - LAW ENFORCEMENT FOUNDATION.  This provides scholarships for children of Marines, Police Officers and Agents who have died in the line-of-duty. 

THE LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY, known as the "Cure - A -Thon"  by his radio show.  Rush personally gives $400,000.00 to the organization at the end of that day's show.

ADOPT-A-SOLDIER.  This is a Website that gives a free subscription to his Premium Service plan when people donate to the fund.  He regularly donates.

Within this past 12 months, the Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, prepared a letter of protest to the parent broadcasting station (The E.I.B. Network).  Prior to mailing the letter, Reid had 40 other Democratic Congressmen and Senators sign it. 

Senator Reid mailed it to the CEO of E.I.B.  The CEO was said to have looked at it and then handed it to Mr. Limbaugh.  Everyone got a laugh out of it, but Mr. Limbaugh  wanted more.

Limbaugh went on television and told the story about they letter.  he then put it on EBAY for an auction.  Mr. Limbaugh told the television audience that he would match the amount the letter sold for.  A woman won the letter for $2.1 million dollars. 

Rush Limbaugh, as promised, matched the $2.1 million and presented a check of $4.2 million dollars to the Marine and Law Enforcement/Agents Association. 

Limbaugh then sent letters to all that had signed the letter to see if any would add to the donation.  All of them refused.

I want this to just sit in front of Mr. Roger Goodell and his friends.   Joe Biden's IRS report said that he made $321,379.00 in 2008, yet he gave a chilling $120.00 to charity.

President Obama has given 5.8% - 6.1% of his salary each of the last 10 years.

John McCain has given 27.3% - 28.6% of his salary each of the last 10 years.

IRS reports that the average American making over $200,00.00 a year gives $20,000 per year.

Can anyone in Congress or the White House claim to give more of their own assets to assist all races than Rush Limbaugh?  Who in Congress, the White House or the NFL can say they have assisted more of families, of all races, than Rush Limbaugh?

Roger, you've been had.  You have fallen into the hands of the vocal minority who continue to give the NFL a bad name.  They are playing you like a flute.  Maybe you don't care about that, but as a man, you should. 

The backgrounds of the people in Congress, Senate and White House are known to most.  In fact, the aforementioned have long been meccas for millionaires for a long time.

What has Rush Limbaugh accomplished?  What's his background?  He dropped out in his first year of college.  He wanted to work and that he did.  He worked for the Kansas City Royals baseball team.  He did odd jobs for them, but nothing that paid much.  He was like a team "helper."

He then decided he wanted to go into a career in broadcasting and not having a lot of experience didn't get in his way.  He was fired from about seven radio jobs, until he was offered a radio job in California.  To put a long story short, bingo, he never looked back. 

His broadcasting awards include:

- Marconi Radio Award for Best Syndicated Radio Personality of the Year (four-times).

- William F. Buckley Award for media Excellence.

- TV Guide's Top Ten Most Fascinating People of 2008.

- He's in the Broadcasting's Hall of Fame.

He is the most listened to radio host in the United States, with over 20 million listeners a week.  The first hour of his radio program is broadcast on the Armed Forces Radio Show, world-wide.

He was the guest speaker for the incoming Freshman Congressmen and was the invited guest at the White House.  Yes, he has slept in the Lincoln bedroom.  He has had private conversations with four Presidents of the United States, per their requests, multiple times.

He is also the highest paid talk radio personality of all-time.

What has he done wrong? 

Following back surgery, he was prescribed Oxycodone to relieve the pain.  The surgery was not successful and they had to return to correct it.  This was over some amount of time and by then (Vicodin) was prescribed, because the other pain killer was becoming ineffective. 

I was a Narcotics Detective - Supervisor with the LAPD for seven years.   I have been qualified as an expert in various narcotics, their use and dependence many times.  There is a difference between recreational use/dependency and prescription use/dependency. 

Limbaugh fell into the grouping of the latter and he was good to go.  He received outpatient treatment and returned to work within weeks.  That's the Rush Limbaugh Story in a nutshell. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, I begin my questions of your sanity, fairness and ability to do your job with two words - MICHAEL VICK.  What in the world are you thinking about when you have a despicable person like the ex-convict, felon and animal torturer  Michael Vick at your side?

Mr, Goodell, have you ever closed your eyes and tried to depict what Michael Vick did to those dogs?  I've witnessed what people around me referred to as a "fresh kill," be it animal or man.  A twisted, contorted agony is common to that type of death.

That's the type of death that Michael Vick gave all of those dogs.  That's the type of friend you have Mr. Goodell.  That's the type of buddy you allowed the NFL to make wealthy, twice.

Vick is released from Fort Leavenworth Federal Prison and Roger Goodell makes him instantly wealthy.  How nice of you Roger.  Why don't you donate one dollar to a family of a soldier who died in Iraq?  You would do that, wouldn't you?  

Mr. Goodell, you are a disgusting person to millions of Americans for allowing thieves, wife-abusers, child-abusers, rapists and killers in your little felon club, A.K.A., the National Football League.

Mr. Goodell, you're the Commissioner of the NFL.  Why do you allow NFL teams to scout for players inside Leavenworth Prison?  Is that where you allow your kids to "hang-out."  Disgusting idea, isn't it?  That's an example of how disgusted most of America is of you and your convicts, or conVicks.

How many times must a player hit his wife, kill someone while DUI, or hire someone to kill his pregnant wife before it gets into your head that you are nothing more than a Warden?

Mr. Goodell, do you understand that most of the NFL probably can't vote in an election?  Ex-felons can't vote.  That's the law!

Mr. Goodell, may I give you some advice?  I wouldn't go over to the Middle East right now.  Neither side would have anything to do with you.  American servicemen and women love Rush Limbaugh.  They appreciate who Rush is and what he's done for them.

Mr. Goodell, you haven't done squat for your country or the people that protect you.  In fact, if you need law enforcement to save your bacon - you might as well dial "1=900-girly."  At least one of your NFL players might be on one of their lines.

Rush Limbaugh doesn't just talk the talk about helping the people who protect our nation, he walks the walk.  You probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Rog, I can cal you Rog, can't I?  WEBSTERS defines racism as:  1) The belief that some races are inherently superior to others.  2)  Discrimination based on race. 

WEBSTERS defines opinion as: 1) A belief held with confidence, but not substantiated by positive knowledge. 2)  A conclusion based on special knowledge.  3)  A judgement of the value of a person or thing.

WEBSTERS defines criminals as: people who have committed a crime.

Rush Limbaugh never said the things that you and others said he did.  You have what others, with a political agenda have said he said.  Do you need to be told the definition of slander and lies?

Rog, you are guilty of discrimination of a person due to his political or ideological beliefs.  I don't want to push this to hard.  You should be embarrassed enough, but Limbaugh has been longtime friends of many in various pro sports.  This includes Hall of Fame players and coaches in a cross-section of sports, like the Steelers' Rooney family.

I have a feeling many in professional sports are thinking you are nothing more than a "tool" for racial bigots.  Steven A. Smith has spoken on behalf of Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh has a talk radio show that he give his opinions on.  Duh.

Rog, if anything describes the the NFL it would be it's a haven for highly paid criminals.

Rog, you have really set the value system on it's head.  Congrats.

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