Heartbreaker in Dallas: Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

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Heartbreaker in Dallas: Oklahoma 28, Texas 21

IconThe Texas Longhorns came marching into Dallas this past weekend after the worst home loss ever by a Mack Brown team.

With the media and oddsmakers telling us Texas had no chance, Mack's boys came out ready to prove them wrong.

The bottom line coming into this game was simple—win and keep your hopes alive, lose and forget about any national or Big 12 title hopes.

So the scene was set for the 102nd meeting of Texas and Oklahoma on a steamy day in Dallas.

The two Big 12 giants were poised to face off again—Oklahoma, the favorite, wanting to prove their loss to Colorado was a fluke, and Texas, the underdog, wanting to show the nation they're better than what they showed against K-State.

From the first play of the game, it was a slugfest with each team answering the other. Big hits, touchdowns, and penalties were all matched blow for blow. Both teams were struggling trying to just survive the first half, only hoping the other would wear down by the second.

For Texas, going in at halftime with the game tied was a godsend and spirits were uplifted in the burnt orange nation. With Texas getting the ball to start the second half, everybody was sure they would make it three in a row. All Texas had to do was score and let the defense do what it does best.

Texas drove all the way down the field, Colt McCoy moving the offense with ease and precision. Once inside the 20, it was time to play old-school smash-mouth football—the kind where you punch your opponent in the mouth and take his lunch money.

But on this day, it didn't work out.

As Jamaal Charles broke fee into the secondary, endzone in sight, a linebacker stripped the ball. Everybody on the Texas side immediately wondered how this could happen.

Momentum now shifted to Oklahoma.

Early in the second half, you would think this type of error would be corrected before the game ended. But no. That fumble was ultimately the death blow to the Longhorns' chance of a win.

Texas played with great poise, answering every Oklahoma touchdown, except for the most important one—the last one.

Oklahoma, led by their freshman quarterback, never made a mistake or even blinked twice at anything Texas did and I have to give them credit.

As the burnt orange nation weeps, it hurts me to say that Oklahoma was the better team this time and capitalized on Texas' mistakes.

All the Horns have left is to play for pride and try to keep their dreams alive by winning (and hoping someone takes Oklahoma out twice).

Otherwise, it may be another Alamo Bowl year for the Texas Longhorns.


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