Will Tim Tebow's Concussion Replace The Promise of 2008?

James WalkerAnalyst IIOctober 15, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 10:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators is tackled by Lazarius Levingston #95, Harry Coleman #24 and Rahim Alem #84 of the Louisiana State University Tigers at Tiger Stadium on October 10, 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Let's face it: Tim Tebow is a leader amongst men. Time and time again Tebow has rallied and driven the Florida Gators to accomplish feats that some felt couldn't be done.

When Ole Miss defeated Florida in The Swamp last season, many thought that the Gators' season had come to an end. During the postgame press conference, Tebow stood front and center behind a podium fighting back tears while guaranteeing that he would will his team to go undefeated for the rest of the season.

"The Promise" was born.

Tebow's words have become immortalized by Coach Urban Meyer. He had Tebow's speech put up on a wall outside of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium during the offseason for all to see and never forget.

"The Promise" was not only a message delivered to answer for a lost game, but a rallying cry for the Florida Gators that ultimately led them to win their second national championship in three years.

During the Kentucky game this season, Tebow suffered a serious injury when his head bounced off the leg of one of his teammates during a sack. As he laid on the ground obviously injured, the Gator Nation released a gasp that was heard around the world.

"The Concussion" was born.

Not to downplay the seriousness of the injury, but this latest occurrence of the brain injury received more attention in the national sports press than can be recalled from recent memory. Because of Tebow's stature in all of NCAA college football, we were receiving daily updates on his injury and recovery.

The Gators had a bye week immediately after the Kentucky game, and it allowed Tebow an extra week of recovery before he was to start against LSU. "Would he start?" was the question on everyone's mind, and it provided debate material right down to the last minute on game day.

When it was announced that Tebow was cleared to play against LSU, it became a forgone conclusion that he would start. Seriously, this was Tim Tebow. Did you really think that he wouldn't start once he received clearance to play?

Unlike last season, Tebow did not say a word. There was no "promise," no guarantee, and no emotion. Tebow did what the doctors told him to do, and he recovered quickly. Did his actions during his recovery take the place of words that motivated the Florida Gators previously?

LSU had won 32 straight night games in Death Valley prior to the Florida Gators arrival on Oct. 10, 2009. When Tebow and the Florida Gators triumphantly walked off the field after their well-earned and fought victory, the sports world took notice and silently applauded.

There are plenty of games left in the 2009 season. Everything points to a showdown in Atlanta between the Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide for the SEC Championship. The winner of that game will most certainly go on to play for the National Championship in Pasadena.

Don't expect Tim Tebow to deliver another powerful oratory like last season. However, do expect Tebow to lead the Florida Gators to another SEC and National Championship.

"The Concussion" may serve as a rallying cry for the Florida Gators. It may also serve as a reminder that Tebow is not unlike other athletes who are injured, sometimes seriously, during the season. This one event may end up serving the needs of many, and this is something that Tim Tebow's actions are quite used to.