Boise State Does Not Deserve a Title Shot

Ken NDContributor IOctober 15, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  Willie Glasper #17 of the Oregon Ducks battles for position with Mitch Burroughs #20 of the Boise State as a pass is thrown in second quarter of the game on September 3, 2009 at Broncos Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Boise State won the game 19-8. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Boise State does not deserve to play for the BCS National Championship.  I continue to be amazed that articles and opinions turn up on a relatively frequent basis complaining about how unfair it is that a team like Boise State may not get the opportunity. 

Boise State fans…are you baffled as to why fans from BCS conference don't respect you?  It's the schedule, stupid!  A few random thoughts about the state BSU football….

Boise State Plays a Weak Schedule.

As of October 10, Boise State has played the 59th toughest schedule in the nation according to Jeff Sagarin . Not bad, but destined to free fall as the season progresses.  Boise State's own local newspaper published an article ranking their most difficult games remaining.  Current Sagarin rankings for these teams are in parenthesis:

1. Tulsa (60)
2. Nevada (78)
3. Louisiana Tech (104)
4. Idaho (193)
5. Hawaii (109)
6. Utah State (124)
7. San Jose State (100)
8. New Mexico State (149)

Boise State did end up winning a very close game to Tulsa by a score of 28-21.  This is the same Tulsa team that got hammered 45-0 by Oklahoma.  That is/was your toughest remaining game?  Nevada has improved lately but got crushed 35-0 by Notre Dame and currently sits at 2-3.  Louisiana Tech is 2-3 with one of those wins coming against a 1-4 Nicholls State team that isn't even in D-I FBS.  Your third-toughest remaining opponent is ranked #104!

No One Wants To Hear About How BCS Teams Won't Schedule You For Home-and-Homes.

BCS teams gain nothing by scheduling you for home-and-homes.  No one wants to travel to Idaho and play on a blue field in a stadium that only seats 33,500 people and doesn't sell out.  Big teams lose a lot of money doing this.  You know that you're starting off a step behind BCS teams in trying to make a run at the National Championship, so schedule accordingly.  Your non-conference slate this year was five games, and only one team with a pulse (Oregon), who was playing in their first game of the year.  You should play four to five BCS teams every year with at least one to two of them being against national powers on the road.  How about developing a rivalry with Washington State and/or Washington?  Both are geographically close and Washington State would probably even do home-and-homes with you.

The Fiesta Bowl Against Oklahoma Was Three Years Ago.

Great game.  Nice win.  What is the statute of limitations on this?  Since then you've been beaten by a mediocre Washington team in 2007 (your only BCS opponent that year), beat Oregon in 2008 (again, your only BCS opponent that year), and you beat Oregon in 2009 (again, your only BCS opponent).  You can't live off of that Oklahoma win forever.

If Boise State Played in a BCS Conference like the Pac-10 or the SEC, You Would Not Go Undefeated

Look, Boise State has put together some good teams in the past few years.  The problem is that you don't have to bring it to the table every week because you play a bunch of bad conference teams.  It could be argued that USC was the best team in the nation in 2008, but they didn't play for the title because they slipped up against Oregon State.  When you play teams that have legitimate D-I talent week-in and week-out, the odds that you're going to come out flat increase exponentially.

There is a team in your own conference that is willing to play anyone, anywhere, and anytime. In the last five years, Fresno State has played Wisconsin (two times), Cincinnati, Rutgers, UCLA, Texas A&M, Oregon (three times), Georgia Tech, Washington, LSU, and USC.  Boise State played a nice OOC schedule in 2005 and lost four games.  As you have improved on the field, you have softened an already weak schedule.  Fresno State gets it… you should too.