John Cena Losing at Bragging Rights? You're Kidding Right?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 15, 2009

For the past few weeks we have seen a few articles up about how John Cena would do if he lost at Bragging Rights. One was about him going to ECW, the other was about him going to SmackDown.

And while I'd love to see him getting drafted to SmackDown in next year's WWE Draft, that would be the only way he'd go to the show.

There is a zero percent chance John Cena goes to SmackDown after Bragging Rights, and a zero percent chance he would go to ECW. The reason is simply because he will win at Bragging Rights.

I actually think that this is how things will turn out.

Because it is a 60-minute Ironman match, the last few minutes is when the match will see its winning pin-fall or submission. It seems obvious of course, but here is the catch.

This match is No DQ, which means Legacy could come out and get involved. Keep in mind though, that Ted DiBiase is supposed to be turning face THIS MONTH! Because of the face turn, he could come out and when everyone thinks he will be helping Orton get the win, he would actually help Cena.

I think we are going to see Orton do something to DiBiase and/or say something that sets him off before his matchup with Cena at Bragging Rights. It may happen next week even. Or, it could happen during the show.

I don't know what he will say or do, but it will be something that makes DiBiase furious. So much so that he costs Orton his WWE Title.

It would be a good idea considering the WWE could have two main event storylines instead of one on RAW. You'd have the WWE Title storyline going on with Cena, then the DiBiase/Orton storyline.

It would be a better thing to do, because right now, DiBiase is not a WWE Title contender. So, if he were to face Orton for the WWE Title, it just wouldn't make sense. Jack Swagger, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels are all more deserving.

Keep in mind that all of the men mentioned above have at least one singles title, whereas DiBiase has not held one. He has won numerous tag titles however.

There are few who have ever won a World Title in the WWE outside of the ECW brand who has never had another singles title under their belt before winning said World Title. Some didn't pay off in the end, does the WWE want to risk that with a great up and comer in DiBiase? You need to make him look like a legit contender before winning or even being in a WWE Title match.

DiBiase is not ready to be a World Champion in my opinion, as we have no idea if he is a good singles champion at all. He didn't even hold FCW's World Title in developmental. So in my opinion, they should see how he does with the US or Intercontinental Title before giving him the WWE Title.

John Cena cannot lose because it just wouldn't make sense in the set up for the DiBiase face turn. Also, why would Vinny Mac take his top star off of his flagship show?

Your number one guy is on SmackDown now? Wouldn't that make SmackDown the flagship show?

While many wrestling fans seem to like SmackDown more than RAW, myself included, RAW is and always will be considered the top brand in the WWE. This is why it is LIVE every week and why the celebrity guest hosts are coming there and not SmackDown.

Whoever thinks Cena will lose needs to look at the facts. He cannot lose simply because of business.

He is the top guy no matter what you think of him. It doesn't matter if you hate or love Cena, its a fact. 

As I said right after Hell in a Cell, it was a stupid move to take the WWE Title off of Cena so soon, as it hurt two people. Cena at that time, and Orton. Why Orton? Because he will lose it, like Cena, within a month of winning it.

It will now make the both of them look like horrible World Champions, which is not fair to them. Because as we have seen in the past, both have been good World Champions.

The Bragging Rights will go to John Cena in a few weeks. But,the month of November will be the month of Ted DiBiase, Jr.