Things to Change for the Next Season of The Ultimate Fighter

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2009

Here we are five episodes into season ten of The Ultimate Fighter. At the end of each season there is always talk about what can be done to improve the show from the previous season. Here are a few changes that should be made for next season.

First, make sure the coaches will fight at the end of the year unless there is an injury. I understand that Rampage wants to be an actor but now all the trash talking is just annoying because we have no idea when the fight will take place. The hatred between the two coaches may still be there when they finally meet but the fans interest won't be there.

Second, have the trash talk not take such a prominent role in each episode. Yes a bad blood match is interesting but so is a fight between two guys who are more than likely going to put on a great fight. There has even been comments made by some of the fighters on this season that you always knew between the two practices there would be a trash talking session and that it quickly grew old.

Third, have coaches that want to coach. I know that theses guys are fighters but Rampage does not seem to even try to be a coach. Its nice to see the current stars helping the up and comers in the sport. I know Rampage has said he has no plans of being a coach but I wonder how he would feel if his corner did not come in the ring after his fight.

Finally, do not make the show all about one fighter. I understand Kimbo is a huge drawing card but even after he got knocked out of the competition the show still seemed to revolve around him. Wes Sims fought in the past episode and he was funny and found humor in many situations except he lost and we probably will not see anymore of him. The only break from Kimbo is a quick introduction of the fighters fighting on each episode. This season may as well be the Kimbo Slice show featuring Rashad and Rampage focus on all the fighters next season not just one the way it used to be.

These changes will make the show more bearable to watch in the future. I love many aspects of The Ultimate Fighter but there are always aspects that make me want to change the channel.