Five Reasons Why Arkansas Will Go Hog Wild In The Swamp!!

Jonathan KelleyCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 03:  Quarterback Ryan Mallett #15 of the Texas A&M Aggies at Cowboys Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Every team has a chance to beat the team it faces no matter how much better the other team may be they can still lose. That is the best thing about college football, is that on any given Saturday upsets can and do happen. Is it likely that Arkansas will win Saturday HECK NO!! Can Arkansas win on Saturday HECK YEAH!!

Florida in all its glory days and most dominate years has never had an undefeated season to show for it. It always seems to lose at least one game that it should have won soundly. Last year it was Ole Miss, in 2006 it was Auburn, and this year it maybe Arkansas. If you think this is crazy talk then here are five reasons why Arkansas will go Hog Wild in the swamp on Saturday.

5. The Florida Secondary

This may be the best group in the country, but as of today nobody has tested them. The best QB they have faced is Jordan Jefferson (54th in passer efficiency). LSU had the receivers to challenge them but not the QB. Seriously look at the competition Jonathan Crompton (65th in passer efficiency), Mike Hartline (83rd in passer efficiency), and Levi Brown (59th in passer efficiency). Between all of these QB's their toughest competition has been Alabama and Washington. This is the number one unit in college football but it has not been tested at all this season.

4. The Spread

The only team in the SEC and maybe even the country that has come close to producing the offensive numbers Florida has put up is Auburn. I am in no way saying Auburn is as good as Florida, but they are comparable. Auburn is a run based spread as is Florida, and Arkansas shut Auburn down for three quarters. Arkansas could not stop air until it faced the spread offense that Auburn threw at it. Will lightning strike twice? Who knows but the Arkansas D looked very good against a spread offense with comparable numbers. I know Tim Tebow was not running that spread!! Still though Todd, Tate, and McCaleb are not street trash.

3. Bobby Petrino

If Urban Myer is the master of the spread offense then Bobby is the king of the pro-style. This man is an offensive genius; Arkansas has put up numbers that it has never seen before his arrival. If this game turns into any kind of shootout Bobby stands as good a chance as anyone of out scheming Urban. If Bobby's defense can slow down the Florida attack Arkansas can win this game.

2. Ryan Mallett

Is he the best pro prospect in the SEC? Is he the most talented passer in the SEC? It is too early to tell on both accounts, but he is very talented and has tons of potential. If the other 10 members of the Arkansas offense can perform this kid could be special. We all saw what happened in the Alabama game once he got pressured and sacked, but can the Florida rush create as much pressure. The Arkansas running game got back on track last weekend and if they can make the run a threat Mallett could have a great day. It will take a perfect storm for this entire offense to compete against the Gator D, but stranger things have happened already this year.

1. Florida receivers

If ever there was a game the Florida receivers to have a hay day this is it. A unit that has been questioned and suspect all year has no excuse's left if they underperform here. The Arkansas pass defense is dismal and with the speed Florida has they should perform solid. Then again they underperformed against Kentucky, Troy, Tenn, and LSU. If Arkansas drops eight in the box and can slow down the run Florida will be in some trouble.

Everyone understands that it is highly unlikely and almost improbable that Arkansas will beat Florida in the SWAMP. However it was unlikely UW would beat USC, Iowa would beat Penn St., and Tennessee would beat Georgia but hey it happened. If Arkansas pulls off the upset it will be because of the five things listed above. So SOOOOWEE and stick em hogs, but more than likely the Gators will be eating the other white meat come Saturday.