Gator Student Section: Run Naked Across The Swamp

Ronnie C WrightContributor IOctober 15, 2009

The Friday night after the Gator Growl "the world's largest pep rally" at the University of Florida, the Gator Student Section participates in an underground activity known as "Swamp Thang."
Students get naked and streak across The Swamp. The tradition dates back to the days of Ray Graves and Steve Spurrier, in 1966. Veteran Gators oversee the event and the rules to increase the fun and to ensure safety for all participants. The unofficial Gator Growl entertainment grew in the 1970s when "streaking" became a popular college pastime. The Gators were among the first major colleges in the nation to put streaking on the map.
This year's Gator Growl is called "Legends of The Swamp," to honor Tim Tebow and the super senior class and other Gator Greats who continue to bring fame, fortune and recognition to the Gator Nation. Over 50,000 fans are expected to cheer, growl and laugh during this worldclass event that features Dana Carvey, O.A.R and JabbaWockeeZ at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
Some Gators were excited about getting the party started early:
"If you got it show it," Sailor said. "If you bought it own it."
Ted said, "If you're on the globe you've got to disrobe."
"Be body beautiful baby!," Lauren said.
"Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe," Nicki said. "Especially when you are a Gator. Be wild!."
Jeff said, "This is why I work out."
"Streaking is a thrill," Porter said. "Besides, it's a tradition."
Courtney said, "Have you ever seen a Gator without clothes...admit it—you like it."
Dave said, "I'm glad I turned down Harvard."
"Ain't no party like a Gator party," Baker screamed. "It's Homecoming!"
"Why do I streak? Because it's down right liberating," Elizabeth replied.
Rob said, "I can think of worse things to do—this is certainly better."
"The world's largest pep rally needs a little extra entertainment," Meg said. "I'm able and I'm willing."
There you have it!...The Gator Student Section has spoken. Let the party begin...