The Reason Why The No Blood Era Came.

Shawn SContributor IOctober 15, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Evan Bourne jumps off the ropes at wrestler Chavo Guerrero (C) as wrestler Hornswoggle lies in the foreground during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Well as you people have noticed many WWE fans have been recently showing their displeasure concerning the new WWE no blood-era.  Of course you say you are no sadist but Hell in a cell lose some of its credibility when the wrestlers do not bleed.

Now the new no blood era has arrived and behind it there is a reason.  Of course it is not because of the PG era because even in this era there has been blood.  No mercy 2007 and Royal rumble 2008 just to name a few.

This is eventually because of an incident that took place after John Cena’s First blood match with JBL back in 2008.  This is of course the last First blood match in WWE history till date.  During the match Superman Cena took a metal chain, which came from under the ring and STFU’D JBL and he bled immediately and lost.  After the match JBL started to get several pain in his reproductive organ.  The WWE doctor examined him and went out of the room to speak to MR McMahon.  Mr McMahon went all red when the Doc told him JBL acquired HWGL syndrome.  I am pretty sure no one heard of this but Vince knew all about it!

It all started back in the 1990’s.  On a hot summer afternoon Vinnie wanted a chick on his bed and all of them were busy.  But Vinnie was so pissed off and badly in need of sex that he went on the road and it was so dark that he took a cheap woman in her limo and without even giving her a proper look he had sex.  After that he switched on the lights and saw what an ugly witch she was.  The woman did not look so human. 

Disgusted, Vinnie paid her and told her to get out.  The woman eventually did so and never appeared until she was pregnant.  She came to Vinnie and told him what happened and Vince  told her she would be paid  to raise the child which could not be aborted due to death risks but she had to keep her trap shut.  There came Hornswoggle months after and the witch died during the delivery.  So Vince paid some people money to raise his bastard son who grew scarcely.  Vince took him to a special doc (the same as JBL’s ) and he was diagnostised with a new virus.  It was a new virus that was born due to Vince’s sex relation with the half-human mother of Woggle just like AIDS was created due to human’s sex relation with chimpanzee.  This syndrome would involve human dwarfism and the ability of a man to release one sperm only every month.  The doc found out that it was a sexually transmitted disease and contamination would also result due to blood contact.  The disease would later be named HGWL sydrome.

What happened was that Woggle was severely beaten By JBL prior to wrestlemania 24 and when he found out that he had a parasite that he could transmit via blood.  So before Cena and JBl’s match Woggle was already under the ring and knowing the match’s outcome he took some of his blood put in on spill it on the chain and die it with a solution so that it would not be noticeable.
Vince explained JBL the whole situation and immediately JBL was pushed to main event where he was defeated by Punk.  Punk bled throughout the match so they took the title off him to check whether he was contaminated but the straightedge blood was still non-parasitic as JBL had not bled during the match.  Vince realized he could not risk his business because of his stupid son's parasite, so he dealt with JBL asking him to leave the company after wrestlemania 25 and he would be paid half of every WWE pay-per-views.  JbL agreed but Vince could not sack his son as the latter would expose his secret of creating the HWGL disease would be exposed and no one would step in his PPV’s.  At the same time Jericho started his SAVE ME thing, it was believed he heard the conversation between Vinnie and Doc. Later Jericho received a great push too in the WWE.

So there came the WWE no blood era to prevent other wrestlers getting a disease born because of Vince’s sin.

From the source I got this info it is highly rumored that Woggle will be the man of PG era he has been receiving a great push recently.  At wrestlemania 26 Woggle will defeat Orton in a hide and seek match to become the new WWE champion in the main event.  The match will not involve blood obviously and will last about one minute.

Note:  Hornswoggle is not the real son of MR McMahon and this article is fictitious.