Dravid's Dropped From The ODI Squad

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2009

Dravid's dropped! Oh no! Oh Yes! It's Great! The selectors are asses!

These were some of the viewpoints of the people on Dravid's exclusion from the ODI squad. There are many more but who has time to write them down. My intention is to write my article and so I am doing it. My job is not to write down all the viewpoints of the people.

Articles have been appearing in the newspaper for the past few days. Though they were written by different writers but all of them said the same thing. They said that, Rahul Dravid may have to make way for Sehwag and Yuvraj in the ODI squad. I knew it and my prediction was right. Dravid had to go. Some people say this was wrong decision and some people say it was the right decisions by the selectors. Let us analyze both the aspects.

Dravid was back in the ODI squad after two years and proved that he was still fit to play the short format of the game. He played five ODIs after his comeback and scored 180 runs. He also opened with Sachin Tendulkar in the tri series final in Sri Lanka and set up a 95 run partnership with him. He also hit a good 79 agaist the Pakis in the Champions Trophy but unfortunately got out. if he had stayed on, India had a fair chance of winning the match.

But was the result of all this? What did Dravid gain by all this? Nothing. No one praised him, nor did anyone cheer him. People cheered for the youngsetrs and Tendulkar but Dravid was just a player who played. And what next, he is out of the squad. sehwag and Yuvraj have been recalled. 

My brother and fellow writer Dann Khan thinks that the Indian selectors are fools. Dravid is the only batsman who can play short balls and is also a sensible player. He plays his innings sensibly. He can also smash at times and also bat throughout the innings steadily while others smash.

Many say that Dravid is a good player and can take team out of tough situations. Though he is old he can still show his magic with the bat at times. He has not done badly in the last five ODI's he played and he can continue to do well. He should be given a chance. 

But the ultimate decision is of the selectors. They think that youngsters should be given a chance. Who can go against them?

But youngsters aren't doing too well. Ishant is out of form, Raina plays foolish innings at times, R.P gives away too amny runs, Virat is not consistent etc. We definitly need someone who can replace all of them and that is Dravid.

But now let us look at the others' point of view.

Dravid is a very slow player. He struggles a lot. He is only fit for the Tests. Remember that innings he played against South Africa in the first Test in March 2008(111 of 291 balls). If he plays such innings in Tests, how will he play in ODIs? This is what some say.

He is too old to play. He should be chucked out of the Test squad also. He is no longer the same young wall who can stay on the crease for hours. This is what some others say.

What if he has proved himself in one or two games? Everyone gets lucky at times. He is not fit to play and that's the bitter truth. These are the views of many people.

But who knows what the bitter or non bitter truth is? Only time will tell if Dravid can still play or not. And time will only be able to tell when it will be given a chance to speak. And the time will only get a chance to speak when the selectors give Dravid a chance to play.