Fantasy Depth Chart's Week Five Sits & Starts In Recap

FantasyDCCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2009

(Look for our Weekly Waiver Hawk & Sit/Start Article tomorrow and check out AFC Team by Team Depth Chart Notes today)

The world is not as it once was. Neither is fantasy football for that matter.

But alas, we trek on through the bad weeks (occasional really bad weeks) and hope for rays of sunlight at the end of a hard season of matchup analysis, poor benching decisions, and the starts that leave you to think…WTF?

That was this week. I was off and it wasn’t funny. I take solace in the fact that many respected fantasy opinions agreed on many of the same players, but it doesn’t change the outcome. In an effort to strive toward better predictions, I’m doing my second Sit/Start review article.


RBs (4-3)

No other prediction hurts more than Ronnie Brown (fourth), who’s two TDs made a poor yardage game into a gold mine. I had the dilemma of Brown or Kevin Smith in a Dynasty league and went with Brown because of Smith’s extra poor matchup.

Brown won me my matchup, but made me feel silly for my prediction. It reminds me, though, how important TDs are to both the RB and WR position. Chad Henne is going to be very helpful in getting the Dolphins into scoring range more often. Brown is likely matchup proof for the remainder of the season.

Rashard Mendenhall (ninth), Tim Hightower (16th), and Knowshon Moreno (18th) proved to be satisfactory in their performances. Hightower and Moreno provided solid RB2 production.

Larry Johnson (38th) was a joke. The Dallas defense did look better, but LJ flat-out looked bad. This was one of his better matchups and it will be hard to suggest starting him at any point this season.

Cedric Benson (fifth) went to boot with Ronnie Brown. I don’t know a person in his/her right mind that predicted Benson could rush for 100 yards against the Ravens defense. But he did. And that goes a long way towards telling me that these Bengals are for real on the ground.

This Ravens defense is becoming more and more prone to protecting against the pass and we may now be seeing them stretched too thin against the run.

Justin Fargas (51st) was horrible against the Giants. That was to be expected, but some media love was being sent Oakland’s way in the RB department.


QBs (6-1)

Peyton Manning (fourth), Matt Hasselbeck (first), Ben Roethlisberger (fifth), and Matt Cassel (seventh) were the highlight of my sit/start. It's becoming evident that Manning is amazing and will be left off these articles unless he needs sitting.

Tom Brady (15th) was not a start of mine, but is playing himself into matchup status. Expect to see his name a couple of times in upcoming articles.

Josh Johnson (13th) and Mark Sanchez (19th), by ranking, were not worth starting last week. But many FA QBs scored high this week.

Still, in the ranking, I barely get credit. It's just like Tony Romo (eighth) to ruin my perfect position, play like crap, and then pick up upwards of eight points on one OT play. I hate the “what if” game, but remove Romo’s eight points and he slides all the way to 16th. That would likely still be satisfactory for some teams, but would have been a successful “sit” call.


WRs (6-4)

Eddie Royal (17th in .5 PPR), Austin Collie (fifth), Hines Ward (11th), Reggie Wayne (15th), and Mike Wallace (21st) all made the cut as successful WR “starts”. Santonio Holmes (37th) has returned back to his normal self (his hype was always way too high), while Pierre Garcon (75th) failed to show up at all.

Ted Ginn Jr. (20th) had the best WR1 day against the Jets so far this season. The excellent running attack and inability by the Jets to stop it led to his long TD reception (yes, one of his two receptions on the night) that unfairly put him in the miss category.

Likewise with Roddy White (second), I made mention that Matt Ryan would have to check down, I just didn’t assume it would be to White, who would then bust a 90-yard TD. I should know better than to doubt speed + talent + good QB play. My bad.

Steve Smith (34th) did end up drawing some tough coverage and then subsequently saw less time in the blowout the NFL passed for a legit game this weekend (NYG vs. OAK).


TEs (0-2)

I just flat missed. Kellen Winslow (first) blew up and Brandon Pettigrew (21st) didn’t get the goal line TD I was expecting. A poor week of TE predictions.


In conclusion, I went 16-10 last week. It's not the worst of my weeks. But the players I missed on, I missed big. Part of that is the random luck of fantasy football. We love it for that, don’t we?