Hamilton Still Searching for a Leader

Steve ThompsonAnalyst IIIOctober 15, 2009

Bob O'Billovich has done wonders upgrading the talent in Hamilton this year.  The team is now a respectable contender though in the lower echelons of the league.

But the one thing he has been unable to do is upgrade an intangible: leadership.  That's been apparent during the Tiger Cats' recent losing skid.

And again it revolves around the key position of quarterback.  There are three quarterbacks on the active roster and another on the injured list.  Active are Kevin Glenn, Quinton Porter, Adam Tafralis, and on injured reserve is Jason Boltus.  There is also the possibility of bringing someone else in.

Hamilton need look no further to the solution for its problems than by looking at their previous opponent, Winnipeg. 

Supposedly, Michael Bishop has finally grabbed the bull by the horns and has assumed the position of leader which has resulted in three straight wins, admittedly over the worst three teams in the CFL.  Bishop can be a streaky quarterback, so all this could end just as soon as it began, but there is no doubt that if he has become more of a leader, Winnipeg is reaping the benefits of it.

Hamilton is looking for the same thing.  On its own roster, DeAndra' Cobb grabbed his chance to play regularly and has made the most of it.  Nobody talks about Hamilton needing a running back now.  If only the quarterback situation were the same.

While Kevin Glenn is potentially the best quarterback with the most experience, he's also shown why Winnipeg released him.  It was 31-0 before he got untracked.  And because he's older, he's not going to be the future.

Macel Bellefeuille rightly wants one of the younger quarterbacks to step up, like Darian Durant in Saskatchewan.

At times, Quinton Porter looks like he could be Hamilton's long-term quarterback but he took a backward step against Winnipeg by failing to move the ball in a crisis and was yanked early.  He also (along with Nick Setta) lost a winnable game in Calgary.

Then there is Tafralis who threw a touchdown pass against Calgary and runs the short yardage package.  Perhaps he should get more of a look.

And behind everything are the problems of a young team that was so hopeless for so long trying to come together and play consistent top football at every position.

This team can beat and compete with some of the best CFL teams and then look miserable in losing to the worst.

Hamilton has taken some great strides upward this year.  Finding that intangible, a leader, would be the next one.