The Game Of Lies: Toronto Sun Against Brian Burke Against The LA Media

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJune 4, 2008

"Interestingly, Wilson and Anaheim Ducks general manager and executive VP Brian Burke are close friends and former teammates at Providence College in the 1970s, suggesting that Burke, who is said to be in line to become the Leafs' next GM once he secures his release from the Ducks, may be unofficially calling the shots behind the scene for the Leafs."

- An exact quote from the Toronto Sun

When the long expected news of the Anaheim Ducks new AHL affiliation in Iowa broke, it seems the media is still too concerned with Brian Burke hopping on a jet to Toronto.

Hell, with the way the Toronto Sun has lately been portrayed by the L.A. Times, it seems they may soon say Burke is a woman trapped in a man's body and is expected to manage both the Ducks and Leafs among the Iowa franchise, all while whistling Dixie. Yes, I'm going overboard, but this idiocy of he-said-she-said media antics is driving me batty.

Even as news broke Tuesday morning that Burke was denying interest in the Maple Leafs and was focused on his Ducks post, the Sun reported that Burke was "unofficially calling the shots for the Leafs behind the scenes," quoted from an L.A. Times article online. Apparently because Burke's cronies are being hired in Toronto, he has to be in charge.

I guess Ron Wilson isn't good enough to get the job without Big Daddy Burke taking care of him. Pure stupidity. I'm not even a real journalist and this guy makes me want to puke (the writer, not Burke).

"It's an absurd suggestion," Burke said by phone to the Los Angeles Times.

It is clear to everyone involved here with orange and black ties that Burke is committed to the Ducks, right? So why is a contract extension sitting on the table while accusations fly?

Only time will tell what the truth is here, as it seems legitimate that Burke is committed to the Ducks. The contract extension may be a minor issue as Burke seems focused on the offseason with his Ducks.

As far as the Toronto Sun is concerned, maybe they should write something people care about, like Mats Sundin saving a puppy. Leave Brian Burke alone for crying out loud; if he becomes your GM, then congrats, but for now it seems likely he is staying put.

As journalists, with it looking as if he will not be leaving and is NOT in charge in Toronto in any way, you all look like liars. So from here on out I would ignore the yellow journalism by the Sun until they report the news and not full blown rumors and lies.


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Image: Courtesy of the LA Times