Tag Team Matchup Ends Up a 3-on-2 Handicapper on Raw

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2009

RAW was superb this week. It was off the hook, phat, downright exciting, lots of twists and turns. It was so good that Chris Jericho was speechless, and you know that's hard to do. Anyone or anything that makes him speechless is a feat in itself.

One of RAW's hosts this week, Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood, kicked ass as far as making unforgettable matches.

She originally made a triple threat elimination match with Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena and the winner will go to Bragging Rights roster, RAW vs Smackdown. This will be a huge tag team match.

Well, John Cena couldn't win this match because he is already scheduled to be in a Iron Man match against Randy Orton. For the fans's sake, Cena participated in the match just the same.

Instead of a triple threat, it was more like a two-on-one handicapped match. Legacy was all over Cena. Rhodes and Dibiase teamed up to fight the powerhouse, John Cena.

There was no way they wanted to fight each other. John ended up out of the ring and Cody Rhodes pinned Ted DiBiase, to be in Bragging Rights.

Randy Orton came down to the ring due to Legacy arguing over the pin. Orton was trying to get Legacy to calm down. Cena was still out there when Nancy O'Dell came out from the back and made an announcement.

This is where it gets good. O'Dell announced that Cena and Randy would face Legacy later on that evening. Three of the four were just in a match, but it took place anyways.

The camera viewed Orton and Legacy in the back discussing strategy. Orton told his two little mini mees that he won't tag into the match and they could take advavtage of Cena.

Thats exactly what they did. John fought back but Legacy was getting to be too much for him to handle.

This matchup was really exciting Orton preferred to hang down on the floor instead of the ring apron that way he couldn't be tagged in. When he did stand up on the apron and took his eyes off of Cena, John ran over and tagged him on his chest.

Orton had to get into the match now. He grappled with Cody then DiBiase. He couldn't even handle his boys. Soon Cena was back in the ring with Cody on his shoulders ready to give him the Attitude Adjuster.

Right about then Orton tagged himself in and began beating on Cena. Out of nowhere, Ted DiBiase grabbed Orton from behind and rolled him up into a pin.

Legacy beat Orton and Cena. I don't think John really cared about the loss, he was happy to see maybe a rift in the Legacy/Orton dynasty.

Orton was spitting nails, yelling and screaming at his proteges. This is what he drilled into their heads, and they act just like him.

At the end, Cena gave Orton an adjustment. And Legacy walked into the sunset with some fans having more respect for them now for doing what they did. Maybe Orton will feel the same way as some of those fans do.

After all, they were molded into Orton's image. He can't get angry at them for that.