Drew McIntyre: Witness The Introduction Of The "Scottish Superstar"

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIOctober 14, 2009

Standing at 6-foot-5, weighing in at 18 stone (225 pounds) and storming from the land Ayr, Scotland is none other than “The Scottish Superstar” Drew McIntyre (Galloway).

With years going fast like an adventurist sinking in quick sand, there comes a time and that time is now that we look to the young guns to take over once the veterans of the WWE step down and pass the torch.

WWE has a flock of talent that can capture fans attention and create more magnificent moments that future and present fans can enjoy.

Some other fans might not be too high on the novice superstar Drew Galloway (McIntyre) but with the right push and right timing “The Scottish Superstar” can be something very special.

From coasting through the Irish/British Independent circuit, to establishing himself in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling)/OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), to now where he is gracing the famous squared circle of the WWE; McIntyre has always seemed to scream potential.

(According to Wikipedia.com) Drew Galloway (McIntyre) started training for pro wrestling at the tender age of 15 by attending numerous training camps at England’s FWA Academy (Frontier Wrestling Alliance).

Galloway (McIntyre) went on to compete in various independent circuits and looked to build himself as a great future talent…  Galloway would capture the British Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title twice while in the organization before coming to the United States were he looked to shine even brighter.

The WWE seen this potential from miles away and signed the young lad to a developmental deal…  Drew took full advantage of this once in a life time opportunity that many other up-and-comers would do anything to have… He would debut September 26, 2007 in one of WWE’s former training territories OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling).

From this point forward Drew Galloway was now known as Drew McIntyre and would look to build up his new name.

He would get an early shot to be a WWE superstar when he debuted on Smackdown October 12, 2007 and would take on and defeat (at the time) Brett Major… He would then take on the other Major brother Brian and defeat him as well.

Although McIntyre was on a successful run on Smackdown he was moved to WWE’s alleged “A” brand Raw. He would take on struggling WWE superstar Charlie Haas and would continue his winning ways by beating him as well on a January 4, 2008 edition of Heat.

WWE felt McIntyre still had some kinks to work out in his game so he was taken off of television and sent down to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling).


While in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) Mr. McIntyre made it clear that he wants to be one of the best if not the best in the world of wrestling. He looked at this opportunity as a stepping stone to make himself even better.

He would feud and compete with the likes of fellow WWE stars Tyler Reks and Sheamus O’Shaunessy… McIntyre would first place himself as one of FCW’s elite stars by capturing the vacated (due to Joe Henning stepping down due to injury) FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Title.

He would defeat Eric Escobar to claim that right to be the Heavyweight champ on March 19, 2009… McIntyre would drop the belt to Tyler Reks on June 11, 2009.

But “The Scottish Superstar” did not let this discourage him as he was set to re-debut on the “blue brand” Smackdown. He would re-enter Smackdown as a heel and would do so by taking down a fan favorite R-Truth.

McIntyre set up numerous attacks on the crowd hype up artist to pick up some heat from the crowd which is not an easy task to do… But Drew McIntyre is here to be the best at what he does so it’s not that surprising that he has grabbed a great amount of attention already.

The young talent has already placed a spot on a PPV which many stars would love to have a chance at. To make a better point the ECW title wasn’t even on the Hell in a Cell card but R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre was.

It’s not that hard to see that Vince McMahon is a big fan of Scottish wrestler as he provided McIntyre with a WWE contract. Heck it has been noted that Triple H is highly impressed with the guy and with these two on your side in the business there is no doubt you are going to be successful… Well in less you screw up royally.

Now some may say why does this guy deserve all of this? I am not saying he does or doesn’t but this guy does have some great abilities to make some great Smackdown action.

McIntyre has the talent, mic-skills, and knows how to capture the crowd’s reaction but better yet he has the in-ring abilities that every true fan can enjoy.

But ultimately it seems McIntyre is on his way to great success as Vince and Triple H are fully behind the “The Scottish Superstar”.

So sit back and relax and enjoy some great potential!