Jason "Mayhem" Miller Talks Jake Shields, Showy Entrances, Selling Title Fight

Nate LawsonCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2017

Strikeforce put on a media call today featuring Scott Coker, Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and Jake Shields, regarding the Nov. 7 show that will be live on CBS. Miller utilized his humorous side to make some interesting comments throughout the call.

Miller began the call on a funny note, saying that “it is great to have Fedora on the undercard.” Unfortunately for “Mayhem,” his fight will not be serving as the main event, while Emelianenko’s will.

Miller seemed okay with that fact, explaining that he was excited to watch Emelianenko vs. Rogers with the middleweight title around his waist.

However, before “Mayhem” Miller ever steps foot inside a ring or a cage, he is accustomed to putting on quite the show for his fans. There is never a dull moment when Miller makes his walk to the cage.

Miller hopes he can do something similar to what he has done throughout his career when it comes to entertaining entrances (for example his Dream 9 Entrance), considering he has become quite famous for them.

“I am almost gay with my showmanship flair,” stated Miller, hoping that Scott Coker will allow him to exhibit his style through his walk to the cage.

Yet whatever Miller has planned, Miller first obligation seems to be hyping this fight to a point where as many people as possible tune in.

“I want everyone to watch this fight, and if you miss it you are missing not just a great fight with me and Jake, but also the number one heavyweight in the world taking on the undefeated Brett Rogers,” stated Miller.

Miller also explained how Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook are a couple of ways he is getting the news out to hype his title fight with Shields.

When it comes to the actual fight itself, Miller summed it up by stating, “I will do everything better than Jake.”

Shields has not lost since 2004. If Miller wants to win the Strikeforce middleweight belt on Nov. 7, he will certainly have to do a lot of things better than his opponent.

Until then, however, Miller is focusing on training for his title fight with Shields, along with promoting his fight and the event as much as possible.

Regarding exactly how much Miller is promoting the fight, the man nicknamed “Mayhem” simply explained, “I might as well be spray painting about it on walls.”